Casper: The Dream Team


More than a year in the making, new sheets and pillow from Casper are engineered to perfectly complement their mattress and create the world’s best sleep environment.

Engineered with one of the longest, finest cotton fibers in the world, Casper sheets are the perfect balance of soft, strong, and breathable. They designed the sheets to create the ideal microclimate around your body. To do so, they balanced thread quality, yarn construction, and weave for a cool, breathable sleep environment that’s so outrageously comfortable you won’t want to leave.

casper sleeping set (1)

Their responsive, dual-layer pillow is engineered to stay supportive, cool, and comfortable throughout the night — regardless of your sleeping movements. Thanks to its low-friction fill fibers, dual-layer construction, and supportive gusset, Casper pillow is able to adapt to your every move as the night goes on.

Meet Casper’s new sleeping set.

casper sleeping set (2)

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