Have a rash, bite or burn? Get Help with Pager!


How do you know if you should see a doctor? With Pager, you can get a first opinion within minutes and treatment if needed. Get your answer with these simple steps:

1. Send a Photo
Upload a photo of your skin problem via Pager’s secure messaging platform.

2. Doctor Reviews
A Pager doctor will review and let you know within minutes what you need to do.

3. Doctor Visits or Prescribes
If you need in-person treatment, a doctor will come to your home or office in less than two hours to inspect further, treat and prescribe.

4. Payment
If your doctor can diagnose from your photo without visiting in person, you will only pay $25. If your condition requires in-person treatment, the cost will be $200 (or $50 for a first-time visit). All visits can be submitted to insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.

Learn more on how to use Pager.

Pediatrician Examining a Girl s Rash

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