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39 Hilarious Gym Fails

She could hear everyone around her laughing…

But since she was so busy with her workout, she never got a chance to see the thing that was so funny. Also, everyone thinks she is so busy so no one bothered to tell her.

He will tell all his friends how he spent the entire day at the gym.

Well, it’s kinda true, but not doing the purpose of going to the gym.

Maybe she thought this was a good place to practice with her stilettos?

She needs time in the morning to work on her heels.

January: A really really profitable month for gyms.

December is packed with holidays, though.

If this is what happens when he sweats…

Maybe next time, wear darker colored shirts?

Phoning it in at the gym.

Spends the entire time at the gym doing perfect selfies.

This had to have ended badly.

Get well soon!!!

Gym Sessions…

Because you forgot to charge your iTouch.

Gym Sessions.

She’s on a bike!

Well, sort of.

Safety At The Gym

At least, he’s alone.

I guess..


When you hate leg day.

Let’s focus on the chest today…


What are you doing?!



See you in the hospital!

Get well soon!!


When you go way too fast.



See what you can do!

All this without our help!


Well, the photo says it all…


After this, let’s take a selfie

All the reasons to go to the gym.


Is she making progress?

Let’s ask her, not!


Give him a coach, please?!

He really needs one…


Let’s feel pity for the ball.


Let’s get all the plates in the gym!

I can’t do this.

gym fails6

Go get the plates!!!

Even if I can’t handle it

gym fails4

Let’s share!

gym fails7

Someone show him how to use this…

gym fails8

Also, to him please.

gym fails9

I forgot to do cardio!

Real quick, before everyone arrives!

gym fails10giv

Mommy duties!

Don’t give reasons to skip gym!

gym fails11

Real motivation.

Because there’s no other seat available.

gym fails12

Monthly membership is expensive

Let’s make a gym in my garage

gym fails13

After work-out food.

Because ice cream is life.

gym fails14

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