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Guide to the Perfect Vacation in Nantucket

Visiting Nantucket features on the bucket list of many people who want to explore breathtaking destinations worldwide.  It is with good reason, as the island has plenty to offer. Sandy beaches with a fresh sea breeze, friendly locals, outstanding cuisine, and Instagrammable sites are some of the niceties this tiny island offers.

So, you are in Nantucket, greeted by its beauty. However, there is one problem, you don’t know your way through this graceful island. Do not panic, as this is a problem many first-timers have, regardless of their destination. Stick on as we guide you on the crucial things to know about vacationing in Nantucket. 

Where to Stay in Nantucket

Nantucket has plenty of accommodation options, the very best being vacation rentals. They are affordable and spacious, suitable if you are touring the island as a group. They have a homely essence, with some having facilities like swimming pools, gyms, free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. 

Make arrangements for your vacation before commencing your trip to avoid any hassles once you land on the island. You may contact a credible travel agent to help you get a decent place to stay. Depending on your preferences, they will guide you on Nantucket’s neighborhoods and the befitting place to stay.

Units around the town center are excellent if you want a taste of the island’s bustle. Moreover, plenty of amenities, like dining spots, shopping centers, banks, and the beach, are at arm’s length. 

However, the town center is not your cup of tea if you want a calm environment. Calm and relaxed neighborhoods include Brant Point, Cliff, and Quidnet.  

Are you into surfing? If yes, Cisco is the place to be. It is the hub of Nantucket’s surfer culture, where you will meet many surfers on the beaches having a great time, waiting to catch the perfect wave.

Where to Eat in Nantucket

Food is a critical part of many cultures, including Nantucket. Your holiday is not complete without sampling this island’s cuisine, which primarily features seafood. Several eateries have set shop on the island to meet various tastes.

For breakfast, Black-Eyed Susan’s will have your back. Perched at 10 India Street, this joint has a diverse menu that will sort out your morning hunger pangs. You can have regular eggs, bacon, and toast, which you may drown with a freshly brewed mug of coffee or tea. If adventurous, you can try the Spicy Thai or Portuguese scramble.

Straight Wharf has been a regular eatery in Nantucket for around 60 years and is the place to be for lunch or dinner. Its menu varies according to the season. Check out its website or visit it at 6 Harbor Square to know what is special for the day.

CRU serves fine dining, beautiful outdoor scenery, and excellent customer service on one platter. This waterfront restaurant is ideal for a date, especially if you fancy seafood.

After a long day exploring Nantucket, a drink will tie everything together. You can check out Cisco Brewers, The Proprietor’s Bar and Table, The Club Car, and The Tree Bar for cocktails, beer, wine, and other refreshments.

Where to Party in Nantucket

This island has a calm demeanor, hence, the assumption that it is quiet at night. Welcome to Nantucket’s nightlife! If you love to party or need to loosen up, Nantucket has what it takes, evident from its many hangouts.

You can start your night of partying by visiting The Gaslight at 3 N Union Street, which prides itself as Nantucket’s live music destination. It has an exciting ambiance that you will fall in love with while enjoying your drink. The menu is impressive, combining Japanese and Nantucket cuisine. You can visit The Gas Light’s website for reservations and events.

To the east of town is another nightlife gem, The Chicken Box. It hosts live music sessions daily, featuring big and growing artists. You can pop in for dinner at Ventuno Restaurant, then rush to the bar, which is open from 5.30 pm to 1 am.

Your Nantucket party tour is not over without hopping into Cisco Brewers for wine, cocktails, wine, and other beverages. You may be lucky and get a festival going down, guaranteeing a fun night.

Where to Shop in Nantucket

Shopping is the ultimate vacation boost, allowing you to see what niceties your destination offers. Nantucket has plenty of shopping hubs specializing in various items. 

Commence your shopping spree at Erica Wilson in downtown Nantucket. It is an apparel store that primarily stocks women’s clothes, but you may also get men’s and kid’s attire. This store has been around since 1963 and is the perfect place to up your fashion game. Get sweaters, dresses, jumpsuits, and jackets. Later, head to the jewelry section to accessorize your grabs.

Not far from Erica Wilson is the Salt Boutique. It is a women’s shop where you can stock up on beach wear and attires ideal for Nantucket. The staff is friendly, with their experience being handy in helping you get befitting wear. Available brands are ASTR, Apiece Apart, Boys Lie, Cleonie, and more.

You may pass by It’s a Shore Thing, a diverse gift shop. This store stocks apparel, ornaments, specialty signs, kitchenware, pet gifts, and island jewelry. Peruse its collection for souvenirs that hold memories of your great time in Nantucket.

The following are other places to explore on your Nantucket shopping binge.

  • The Lovely Nantucket
  • The Sunken Ship
  • Hospital Thrift Shop
  • Nantucket Looms
  • Murray’s Toggery Shop

Final Remark

Nantucket should be your next travel destination if you are open to fun and exploration. There is plenty to experience on this small island situated a few miles from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

This article is your ultimate companion if planning a Nantucket visit, presenting you with various points of interest. You can see that this tourist destination has all you need for a memorable vacation.

Always have your finances in order when planning a tour. Do not forget to pack essentials like beach attire and a camera to capture unique sites. 




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