Great Solution to Travel Hustles: The nio Tag


solution to travel hustels - lost luggage - the nio tag white

If you ever experienced the agony of lost luggage or any other piece of your property while waiting on airports or checking into hotels, you probably also thought about ways to prevent that from happening. The nio Tag is brand new way to keep track of your suitcases, bags and other personal property. It keeps it secure and protected, allowing you to concentrate on other hustles of your travel.

The nio Tag is first Bluetooth powered security tag that can be tagged onto any device, piece of luggage or any other piece of property you want to keep track of. The app will alert you should you separate from them. It’s a low energy device connected to your mobile phone with Bluetooth 4.0. The nio Tag can also use as your safety net if you’re known to lose or misplace your iPhone or iPad.

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This smart device is also stylish, coming in two colors – black and white. Making sure the device is always at your hands is a detachable clip and leather lanyard, making it easy to attach to any piece of property. The battery will last up to 4 months on one charge and is simply recharged via micro-usb. To properly alert you there’s a LED indicator, audible and vibration alarm. The nio Tag is the most effective and simple way to keep your essentials safe.

Protect your property with The nio Tag.

solution to travel hustles - lost lugagge- the nio tag

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