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Buying a used Rolex is the best value you can get. Here’s how to avoid being overcharged

 Rolex Models Top5

Top 5 Most Popular Rolexes and Their Used Pricing

  • Datejust: $6,538
  • Day-Date President: $20,432
  • Submariner: $8,762
  • GMT Master II: $6,655
  • Daytona: $19,975

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Tips for Buying A Used Rolex

Everyone knows that the Rolex is the top watch on the market. It’s the one name that everyone loves, whether they are watch aficionados or total novices. The brand comes with a price tag – one that can run pretty steep.

To help remedy that, I highly recommend trying to purchase a used Rolex as opposed to a brand new one. This doesn’t come without risk, however. There are a ton of knockoffs, so it is important that you purchase your used Rolex from someone trusted.

Here’s how you can spot a fake right off the back:

  • Look at the back: Men’s Rolex watches have smooth case backs and no etchings. If it has a symbol or an etching, it’s fake.
  • Check the weight: If it’s lightweight, it’s a fake right off the bat. Actual Rolex watches are pretty heavy due to the high quality of the material used.
  • Look at the second hand: Real Rolex watches have a second hand that moves very easily without ticking. If it ticks, it’s fake.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can focus on what you should look for when it comes to purchasing your own used Rolex. Once you’ve established that it’s real, you’re on the right track and you’re one step closer to making that all important purchase.

Here are 5 helpful tips for when it comes time to buy your used Rolex:

  1. Set a budget: If you find a used watch that is over your set price point, don’t bother with it. This will prevent you from not only spending too much money, but hopefully from regretting your purchase in the long run as well. It will also really help you to narrow down your search. There are tons of used Rolex watches on the market, so you will be able to find the right one for you much more easily.
  2. Look beyond Ebay: There is nothing wrong with Ebay, especially if you are dealing with a high rated dealer with a lot of promising reviews. That said, it is often the first and only option for many people who don’t know where else to look. You want to make sure that the item you’re investing in is authentic, so if you do go for something over the internet, you’re going to want to make sure they have the papers of authenticity to back it up.
  3. Try to find a Rolex broker: There are plenty of them. All you have to do is commit to a simple google search of “Pre-owned Rolex brokers” or something of the like to get a ton of search results. From there, you’re going to want to evaluate the quality of the broker by reading past customer reviews and even talking to them yourself. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask them the important questions – a quality broker will have heard all of them before and will understand what a massive purchase this is for you. They’ll be patient and kind.
  4. Ask for pictures: Many people believe that “used” is synonymous with “in poor condition”, and that isn’t necessarily true. You have every right in the world to ask for pictures so you can know the quality of the watch you are considering purchasing, as well as how many (if any) parts have been replaced.
  5. Know what model you want: This really goes hand in hand with the idea of setting a budget. You should go into this adventure with an idea of what model Rolex you are interested in purchasing. They definitely are not one in the same and shouldn’t be treated as such.


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