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SanDisk iXpandBase 256GB Review: Simple, Portable, Expensive iPhone Backups

The Sandisk iXpandbase is a very simple backup solution. All you need to do is plug in the phone, and let the app run in the background. The device then backs up all your photos and videos in high resolution - rather quickly, might I add - so you can simultaneously charge your phone and create backups. I used to backup my photos on the Cloud, but it has become increasingly difficult since iOS 11, as my battery drains far too quickly. I've also ran into trouble while overseas, as my data plan can't support the massive photo uploads. This leaves me stuck, unable to get my work done and searching in vain for a solution that didn't exist until now. iXpandbase really does shine. This offline backup doesn't eat your data, nor does it drain your battery life. It is currently priced at $149.99, which may seem a bit steep, but trust me when I tell you that the convenience it offers more than makes up for it.

SanDisk iXpandBase 256GB

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7 /10
$149.99 Buy Now

SanDisk iXpandBase 256GB Pros

  • Secure
  • Can be set up easily
  • No wireless bandwith
  • Appealing appearance

SanDisk iXpandBase 256GB Cons

  • No lightning cable
  • Doesn't work on android

Buy SanDisk iXpandBase 256GB

In an age where smartphones rule the world, it should be no surprise that companies are looking for ways to cash in on the phenomena. We rely on our phones for just about everything these days, from checking emails to messaging to a quick and convenient way to surf the web. Becausewe rely on our phones so heavily, it can be debilitating when things don’t go as planned. Even the most advanced technology has its faults, which means that our precious files can get lost at a moment’s notice. What are you supposed to do? SanDisk iXpand thinks they may have found a solution to this problem.SanDisk iXpand works as a charging station for your iPhone, but that’s not all – it doubles as a backup tool as well. It’s simple, too. All you have to do is install an app on your phone, then plug your phone in and the SanDisk software will save it for you.

It’s worth noting, for all you Android lovers out there, that SanDisk is only iPhone compatible at this time.

Sandisk Design and Features


The iXpand Base size is 4.0 by 4.2 by 1.0 inches, so it so space savvy. The top portion is rubberized and a little bit angled, which means that your phone will stay in place while you are charging it. The bottom is rubberized as well, so it will stick to your desk, nightstand, or whatever surface you choose to set it upon while it works its magic.

One of my favorite aspects of the SanDisk is how it looks – totally professional and pocket sized.

The USB port is at the bottom, and the back of the SanDisk has an SD card slot. This is where all of your backups will be stored.


The iXpand Base app works in the background from the moment you plug your phone in. Once the app is installed and an initial backup has been made, future backups will happen automatically. When the backup process starts, it gives a notification that your backup is in progress.

Although the main use for the backup feature is to sync files from your phone, it does have its limitations. You cannot sync your photos, videos, and contacts individually from your iPhone to the Base.

The iXpand Base app can also be used to view, share and manage your files, but only if your iPhone is connected to the Base and the base is plugged into the power source.

In addition to storing your photos, videos, and contacts, the iXpand Base app can be used to view, share, and manage them, but only when your iPhone is plugged into the Base and the Base is plugged into power.

Backing Up

Your file backup will start the moment you plug your phone into the iXpand Base so long as you have the app installed on your phone.

The backup feature automatically checks your last backup and makes sure that you have the latest photos, videos, and contacts saved to your device. However, the iXpand Base can’t be used when it isn’t connected to a power source. This means that it cannot be used as portable storage, as it cannot get power from your iPhone.

If it’s more convenient for you, you can even connect the Base to your computer by connecting a micro USB to USB-A cable to the micro USB.

If you want to view your files on your computer, all you have to do is remove the SD from the Base and insert it into the SD slot of your computer. Unfortunately, the most recent Mac models do not have this feature anymore, so it may prove to be difficult.

Array review + coupon

SanDisk iXpandBase 256GB Review Summary

The Sandisk iXpandbase is a very simple backup solution. All you need to do is plug in the phone, and let the app run in the background. The device then backs up all your photos and videos in high resolution - rather quickly, might I add - so you ... SanDisk iXpandBase 256GB

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