The 2018 Gift Guide for Guys Who Seemingly Have It All


very year, it gets harder and harder to buy gifts for Wei and for myself. We honestly have everything we could ever want, so finding ways to surprise and delight each other is seemingly impossible. Our favorite gifts are the gift of travel, so that’s why this year we’re going to St. Barth’s, but in case Wei is listening, these are the items that just might make me extra happy this year.

So if you have anyone if your life that’s super hard to please, I hope you’ll find something special to gift.


JOHNSTONS OF ELGIN Cashmere Travel Set

On flights where I’m getting up at 4am, I’m in desperate need of some beauty sleep, and that’s why I love this cashmere travel set complete with socks and eye mask. The blanket also make a great layering piece if you’re traveling somewhere warm.



There’s nothing that brings me back to a destination more than a cologne or perfume. On our first visit to Paris we stopped by the Le Labo store and now whenever I smell this, it brings me back to Paris. My favorite scent was the Le Labo Santal 33 Eau De Parfum. The scent gives off a unique unisex aroma that’s both refreshing and addictive.



Come Winter, my hands get dry, chapped and bleed. It’s awful and that’s why I look for moisturizers, and there’s none better than Haeckel’s nourishing balm. It’s made in England with Geranium to repair the skin cells, Sea Lavender for soothing and Clary Sage as a natural antimicrobial. It’s a tiny size, but it packs a great punch.



I work from home, so I never leave, and so I want to make it as nice as it can be, and that means making it smell amazing. We found this Tom Dixons Orientalist Scented Candle and love how it smells. It’s perfumed by Cassis, Magnolia, and Patchouli, which are known to put you in a calming and relaxing mood.



My title may be “influencer”, but the truth is, I get a lot of my knowledge from other “influencers” or experts in the space, and one of the first places I look for advice is the team behind Mr. Porter. Their Mr Porter Paperback is my manual for an everyday stylish life. This is the second volume of the book and being released for only 500 copies. Look around your most stylish friends bookshelves and I’m sure you’ll find a copy. Cheers to being one of those men.

Let me know in the comments, which gift has caught your eye.

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