Free Haircut or Shave, Compliments of Ebay



Did you know there is $1.6 billion in electronics given to dads around the US on Father’s Day?  This matters for a few reasons.  One, dad is going to get some sweet new stuff to play with, and two, dad can sell his old, outdated electronics on Ebay.

Selling things on Ebay isn’t everyones idea of fun though, and the people at this digital market are well aware of it.  So instead of making dads learn a new trade to rid themselves of their old gear, they want to help you learn to use Ebay Valet.  Never heard of it?  Valet is Ebay’s professional selling service, where you hand over your unwanted out of date items, and they take care of every detail for you and send you the money when it’s over.

Since Ebay knows there is going to be an influx of dad electronics here shortly, they decided to make everything even one step easier.  On June 27th you can stop into Fellow Barber in Manhattan, Detroit, or San Francisco, turn in your old electronics to the Ebay folks hanging around, and they will help you package and sell your stuff right there on the spot.  Then, as an added bonus, you can sit back and relax with a free haircut or shave from some of the best barbers around.

Don’t miss this win-win situation.

So, if you’re in the NYC, Detroit, or San Francisco areas and you’re looking a little shaggy and have an old gadget of some kind laying around, swing in to Fellow Barbers on June 27th and leave feeling like a whole new man.

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