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Good and elegant shoes are an important part of any outfit. When it comes to summer shoes, the situation is especially complicated: Many young (and even younger) people have not learned when you can wear socks and when not, where you can go in flip-flops and where not. Our article is an overview of different types of light and elegant summer shoes for men that you would need for a summer vacation. Or how about planning to spend some vacation days somewhere in the south in the middle of the cold winter? However, our short guide to summer shoes will be great.



What is it? Another name for loafers is “driving shoes”. Although the first loafers were invented by Indians many years ago, they became popular thanks to Italian racing drivers: in fact, racers needed shoes that, first, did not tire their feet and, second, were comfortable to pedal for a long time. In time, loafers became appreciated not only by drivers but also by pedestrians.

You should wear them with chinos, shorts. In exceptional cases with jeans. However, for people who travel a lot by car, loafers are a must. They are good for short trips and long trips with you as the driver. Now loafers are a great alternative to sneakers and topsiders. Sporty, casual clothes are great to combine with loafers for a trip, for a walk, or even for a casual night out. For example, you can even visit a casino in loafers if there is no special classic dress code. However, look at the Bizzo casino with live dealers if you don’t want to go to a casino and prefer gambling at home!

And both variants – with or without socks, or with socks are good. Short sports socks or sneakers are great. Since loafers are not very breathable, it is more hygienic and comfortable to wear them with socks.



What are they? Well, it’s a shoe that has been around for almost 80 years thanks to a clever sailor. All he wanted was a shoe with soles that wouldn’t slip on the wet deck of a ship. The characteristic features of the boat shoes are the white, wavy sole with slits and lacing around the foot (it is tied with a simple bow).

What to wear with them? You should combine them with strict shorts, with chinos, with jeans (with and without a twist). The recommended length of the pants reaches the ankle. Boat shoes are good to wear everywhere, even at work, when you don’t have to go in a classic suit. You can also wear them with shoes.



Textile slippers with soles made of coarse rope (or covered with it) were first introduced in Spain as early as the 13th century. 800 years later, they have become incredibly fashionable shoes for men and women. Comfortable and so light that you don’t even feel it on your feet.

To make your outfit elegant you should combine espadrilles with light-coloured pants, cotton shorts, jeans (just not the ripped ones!), chinos. The recommended length of pants is to the ankle. You should wear them for a walk in the park, to meet friends in a relaxed atmosphere, in nature without socks.



What are they? Sandals need no introduction. They are flat summer shoes with lots of straps (they can be absolutely any kind). Men are suspicious of sandals: For some reason, many think that these shoes can only be worn by women. 

It is not so. Typical sandals for men are black or brown, necessarily made of leather, with two or three straps, without additional decorations. What should you wear with them? Shorts would be perfect, but you can also wear them with light-coloured pants that are not too long (like these chinos and a polo shirt). A walk, a seaside resort, a trip to the countryside, a daytime meeting with friends (the sandals are too open for an evening) – there are many reasons to wear sandals.

Why are the above types of hoes always relevant? Depending on the colour, texture, and design, they can be combined with almost any outfit, precisely because of their versatility and practicality. They are lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear, great for hot weather, do not tire your feet and create an elegant summer outfit. 

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