What to Buy in 2023 from MR PORTER

I’ve been buying cool stuff online since I was 12.

I’m 37 now, so that’s 25 years of scouring the best of the Internet to make my life better.

This year I’ve got a list of items that, despite having everything, I don’t yet have but need to be mine.

Check out my list of must-have items from MR PORTER in 2023.

If you’re looking to elevate your style and indulge in some luxurious purchases, you’ve come to the right place. In 2023, MR PORTER has an array of exquisite items that are sure to make a statement.

Your Go-to Sweats

Simplicity is king right now.

With so much going on in the World, it’s cool to keep our wardrobe simple.

Like this matching tapered cotton-jersey sweatpants and sweatshirt from MR P.

It’s grey which goes with all seasons and it’s 100% cotton so you don’t have to worry about dry-cleaning it. Get this staple set for 2023 and be set for lounging and bar-hopping.

Your Go-to Sweater

Simple basics like this August Weever Island Recycled Cotton-Blend Sweater are the types of pieces I pack or even wear onto a plane.

To me, the best way to build your wardrobe is to think about, “what would you wear on vacation?”

Typically we pack our best stuff, the stuff that we can’t live without. The kind of gear that makes us feel our best. Those are the types of investment pieces I’ve included in this Gift Guide.


Shop MR PORTER Sweaters:

Poolside Linen Shirt

If you want your loved ones to look good at a beach party, this is your chance can buy this Camcamp-collar ripped Linen Shirt. Available in this beige colour. It is highly absorbent and breathable to wear, especially when the temperature gets hot and humid. You can pair it up with jeans or loose trousers.

Grab it now from here

Lined Suede Slippers

Looking for something comfy and warm to wear in winter? Then here are the gray David Shearling-Lined Suede Slippers. This is high time you grab your favorites, and do not hesitate. As we all know, the saying “The Perfect Time is Now.” Grab it fast.

Here is the link:

CubaCotton-Terry Shirt

I’ve been wearing toweling shirts for the past 4 years on vacation and it’s amazing. This CubaCotton-Terry Shirt french terry is a single-knit material, so it’s stretchy and soft — and it pulls double-duty as the shirt you throw on after taking a swim in the ocean.

The toweling material, when wet, creates a gradient effect which looks great when you’re grabbing drinks by the beach.

Grab this shirt before your next vacay:

Go-Everywhere Linen and Cotton Trousers

You can’t do fashion because of your comfy nature? Then here are Linen and Cotton-Blend Drawstring Trousers. While they look like ordinary trousers, they don’t feature a stiff waistband. They are often named as “Easy Pants.” You can gift them to your loved ones as a token of love.

But it Now:

Merino Wool Sweater

The jumper that keeps you cool and looking suave no matter the weather. Personally I like to wear this with swim trunks while walking on the beach at night.

It looks great and doubles as a pillow for any longer than expected journeys.

Buy it here:

Checked Cotton- Blend Blouson Jacket

If you are a style animal, then grab the Shearling-Trimmed Checked Cotton-Blend Blouson Jacket as fast as you can. Any well-dressed man should own a shearling jacket.

The reversible shearling coats have flat stitching for a tidy appearance and are seamless. The most popular types of insulation used in winter coats are synthetic materials and wool. It owns them all. Take your time to examine patterns and other details, then.

Shop here:

Candles That Change Your Mood

A beautiful fragrance can lift anyone’s spirits and make them feel special. Perfume isn’t just about smelling nice. It also boosts your confidence levels, enhances your mood, and makes you feel better about yourself.

Diptyque’s ‘Eau de Minthé’ is a beautiful fragrance you can give to someone special this Christmas. Buy from our given links and enjoy wonderful gifts.

Shop scents:

Slim Fit Honey Comb Polo Shirt

If you wish to demonstrate you’re a man with an athletic nature, dress as-such.

This Slim-Fit Honeycomb-Knit Cotton Polo Shirt is just for you.

Buy it:

Cotton Jacquard Sweater

This print is just great. On a chilly evening in the Grand Caymans is where you wear this sweater to grab drinks and later dinner beachside.

You wear it whenever you want to be noticed for being exceptional.

Purchase it here:

Wool V-Neck Polo

Tony Soprano would often don wool polos like these when on the links or ready for some mayhem.

I love them as a travel outfit. The long-sleeves keep me warm on the plane and once you land, pair it with a nice blazer and you’re set for dinner or with trunks by the pool.

With free shipping and free returns MR PORTER is my source for fine men’s apparel in 2023.

What’s on your shopping list for 2023?

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