Zane Lamprey Launches His own Spirit Brand – Monkey Rum


International Television Star and drinks expert, Zane Lamprey of National Geographic’s world-cocktail culture show “CHUG,” has recently debuted his own spirit brand, Monkey Rum. Monkey Rum with Toasted Coconut and Monkey Spiced Rum are premium, barrel-aged rums that are infused with natural flavors and contain less sugar content than traditional flavored rums. The natural flavors eliminate any artificial aftertaste while the barrel aging process results in a smooth taste and finish.

“I set out to create a Rum that captured the spirit of my adventures—a more evolved rum compared to what was available on the market. After years of refinement and testing, this product is something I am incredibly proud of,” said Lamprey. Promising to unleash the wild side, great tastes and good times with both Monkey Rum ‘Spiced’ and Monkey Rum ‘Toasted Coconut’ flavors are perfect for mixing in cocktails, neat or on the rocks.

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monkey rum

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