WKND: A New Brand of California Prosecco Style Sparkling Wine


Sparkling wine used to be solely reserved for special occasions but Millennial’s being a generation less likely to “blindly follow the norms” have made it a popular midweek drink without ceremony. California winemaker, WINC launched their new brand of American sparkling wine WKND just in time for the holiday season. The 2015 WKND Brut Sparkling is so good you’ll want to skip the OJ in your mimosa. WKND is basically California’s Champagne, which has created a whole new category of bubbly: a Prosecco-style American sparkling wine of crazy-high quality with an affordable price-tag.

WKND Brut Sparkling will be available on clubw.com for only $13/bottle.

wknd sparkling wine

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