The Kraken has been Released


The shadowy cabal of alchemists, smugglers and discredited scientis ts collectively known as The Kraken Rum Company have unleashed a fiendish new concoction: The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Dark Label, a darker and smoother side of the beast. It’s a 70 proof, deeply dark and smooth spiced rum—perfect in a rum & cola or boldly quaffed as a shot. This new release bodes poorly for all who fear The Kraken’s dominion over the seas.

To celebrate the ominous launch of The Kraken Dark Label, the ancient and heretofore obscure secret society THE LEAGUE OF DARKNESS has announced that it will open its membership rolls to the public for the first time. Organized for followers of The Kraken—and all who appreciate the darker things in life and beyond—prospective members are now invited to join the ranks of fellow-believers by declaring their undying fealty to the beast at


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