Spoil Your Taste Buds with Wild Turkey Bourbon


There’s something about this delicious brown liquor that makes you want to sit by the fire and light up a cigar. You know, like in those countless black and white movies where there wasn’t a single conversation going on without a glass of whiskey on rocks. This time we introduce three tastes from Wild Turkey that will definitely be a conversation piece.

Wild Turkey Spiced is gentle and goes great together with cola. It’s a blend of 4 and 6-year whiskey with added spices and natural flavors such as vanilla and caramel. It mixes like a spiced rum, but retains its bold bourbon character.Spoil Your Taste Buds with Wild Turkey Whiskey-Wild Turkey SpicedWild Turkey American Honey is the smoothest of the bunch. With 35.5% alcohol this liquor blend with pure honey and bourbon whiskey is perfect out of the bottle, chilled down or on the rocks. It’s sweet, it’s smooth, it’s delicious.

Spoil Your Taste Buds with Wild Turkey Whiskey-wild turkey american honey

Russell’s Reserve bourbon is hand-crafted at Kentucky whiskey distillery and named after Wild Turkey’s legendary master distiller. It has a deep amber color and taste of vanilla, oak, toffee and a touch of old leather. It’s best served straight up or in a variety of cocktails such as Manhattan.Spoil Your Taste Buds with Wild Turkey Whiskey-Russell's Reserve 10yo

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