Special Cocktails for Mother’s Day


Mother’s day is coming up and we all want to make sure our mothers are in the greatest mood on their special day! Why not push them in the right direction with Marlee’s Green Tea whiskey and FOS Masthia. You will find two drink recipes below to make this mothers day one for the books!


Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey
Sip some Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey–it’s all the goodness of Green Tea but much more fun! In fact, the central compound in green tea that delivers much of its antioxident benefits, polyphenols, are found in higher concentration in an 8 oz serving than that of the average cup of green tea! Marlee’s keeps it simple, using only a handful of ingredients: American Rye Whiskey, Gunpowder Green Tea and Organic Mexican Blue Agave.

Mother's Day Cocktails

FOS Mastiha
This historically delicious spirit has been crafted to perfection and created to elicit a true taste of Greek culture. Take on the role of a Greek God as the liqueur has a one of a kind and precise harvesting and distillation process that gives insight into why it is so special. Only harvested once per year, Mastiha undergoes a traditional process, including mixing it with high qualityalcohol and secret ingredients before distillation and bottling.

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