Savino: Tis the Season for Wine Drinking


The holidays are rapidly approaching and that is usually the time we are having a bunch of parties. It’s also the time when one little “tool” will come much in handy. Savino wine preserver is sure to bring a touch of class to any dinner party, home kitchen or it would make a great gift.

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Savino is an elegant and easy-to-use wine preservation system that keeps your open bottle of wine fresh for weeks after it was first uncorked. Simply open a bottle of your favorite wine, enjoy a glass, pour the remainder of the bottle into your Savino wine preservation system, and insert the float to create a physical barrier between the wine and the oxygen. Place the top on the carafe to prevent accidental spills and – voila! You have successfully preserved your wine for days to come.

Pour guests a glass of wine from the polished Savino decanter opposed to a half empty bottle. Keep your presentation and quality of wine to the highest elevation and impress your guests.

You can get your Savino wine preservation system here!
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