Sapporo: No.1 Asian Beer in US


I’m a proclaimed beer lover, it’s my ultimate favorite beverage, so much so that I’m willing to oversee its beer-tummy effects and that for a woman is a big deal. I basically find any excuse to treat myself with a can of barely and hops, I even discovered its healing powers when being attacked by first signs of flu or a headache. Don’t mark my words but beer does wonders for your personal and social life. No wonder it’s celebrated all over the globe. Have you checked out Oktoberfest yet?

From No.1 beer country in the world we head over to Japan. Probably not your first choice of origin when it comes to this beverage but whenever in a Japanese restaurant I always order a cold bottle of local beer with my sushi. The number 1 selling Asian beer Sapporo is definitely a good competitor to US and European brewed beers. Besides the Japanese cousine it goes well with all of those grilled specialties you just prepared in your backyard. Let Sapporo be the star of your next BBQ and offer your friends an excellent beer to go with all the amazing steaks, burgers, hot dogs, fish and grilled veggies. With three different types – Sapporo Premium, Sapporo Light and Sapporo Reserve, there is something for every premium beer drinker who loves their summer cuisine.

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Sapporo No.1 Asian Beer in US

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