Pumpkin and Fall Inspired Cocktails from NOLET’S Gin


To celebrate the clean, crisp air and flavors of Fall we prepared some seasonal cocktail recipes from NOLET’S Silver Dry Gin.

With fascinating botanicals of Turkish Rose, Peach and Raspberry, NOLET’S is a unique gin that is extremely versatile. The gin is great on its own but also mixes very well into autumn-inspired cocktails. Its modern take on gin is ideal for avid gin drinkers, those new to the spirit, and even those who shy away from the typical juniper-forward gins.

NOLET’S Silver Autumn Blossom
1 oz. NOLET’S Silver Dry Gin
0.75 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
0.5 oz. Simple Syrup
0.5 oz. Aperol
1 Blood Orange Wedge

Muddle blood orange wedge with syrup in a mixing glass. Add ice and remaining ingredients. Shake and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

NOLET'S Gin-Autumn

NOLET’S Silver Apple Business
1.25 oz. NOLET’S Silver Dry Gin
1 oz. Apple Juice
0.5 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
0.5 oz. Honey

Shake all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Fine-strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with an apple slice.

NOLET'S Gin-apple business 4

NOLET’S Silver Pumpkin Flip

1.25 oz. NOLET’S Silver Dry Gin
1 oz. Pumpkin Puree
1 Whole Egg
.5 oz. Maple Syrup
1 Bar Spoon Sugar

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Dry shake until emulsified (about one minute). Add ice and shake again, vigorously. Double strain into a martini glass. Dust the top with nutmeg to garnish.

NOLET'S Gin-Pumpkin Flip

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