Perfection Watermelon + Tequila Cocktail Recipe


Are you also asking yourself how to freshen up and stay chill this Summer? Well, Patron Tequila says the answer lies in their tequila combined with a sweet watermelon and we couldn’t agree more. Here is the recipe for the perfect refreshment:

Watermelon Patio Punch
Serves 8-10 people
750 ml Bottle of Patrón Silver
4 cups Watermelon juice
1 cup Fresh lime juice
1 cup Simple syrup, to taste
.5 tsp Salt

Method: Lay a (preferably seedless) watermelon on its side and assess which end would be the “bottom” if you were to stand it on its end. Using a chef’s knife, slice off a small bit of the rounded end to create a flat surface, being careful not to cut through to the flesh. Slice off the opposite end to create a “lid”, and stand the watermelon upright.

Using a large spoon or ice cream scoop, hollow out the watermelon, being sure to save the flesh and any juices. Transfer flesh to a blender and puree lightly, enough to liquefy the mixture. Strain through a fine mesh strainer to remove any pulp. Combine Patrón Silver, watermelon juice, lime juice, simple syrup and salt and stir to thoroughly combine. Return contents to the watermelon for service and ice to chill. Use a “watermelon tap” if you have such a device or use the watermelon as a punch bowl, ladling out the punch.

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