The Oak Bottle for More Flavour


The Oak Bottle just introduced their new amazing products that will enhance your tasting experience. For the innovative vintner or mixologist, the Oak Bottle Flavor Edition brings new flavours to their drinks. It’s the world’s first oak vessel that accelerates the traditional oak aging process with infused flavor notes, such as Vanilla, Citrus, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Smoke, and Maple.


Boasting a smaller size with a big flavor, the Oak Bottle Micro is giving people a way to age their beer in just hours. The Oak Bottle Micro is considered the world’s smallest aging vessel, offering consumers an affordable way to enhance the flavor profiles of their favorite beers, wines, and spirits.


The Oak Tumbler allows users to infuse their favorite beer, whiskey, wine, or any other spirit with extravagant oak flavors and aromas without the wait. Users can enjoy instant aging in as little as thirty minutes. Just pour and sip your favorite beverage.


Oak Bottle is also giving drinkware an upgrade with the release of their Levitating Cup. The Levitating Cup is guaranteed to turn heads as it defies gravity and hovers gracefully in midair while showcasing one’s favorite wine, cocktail, or Oak Bottle aged vintage.


For an extra touch, the Oak Bottle itself can be customized with a unique design. Their proprietary laser engraving technology can add meaningful pictures, quotations, names, and more to create a gift that looks great from the kitchen to the man cave, as well as meaningful bridal and groomsman gifts.

Get the Oak Bottle.

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