Oak Bottle: Transform your Wine into an Expensive, Vintage Tasting Beverage


Oak Bottle is revolutionizing the beverage and bar industry by allowing consumers to take their cheap/average tasting wine, whiskey or any other desired spirit and transform it into an expensive, vintage tasting beverage within hours, with the creation of the fastest at-home aging vessel ever made. Using a simple volume divided by surface area equation it’s easy to understand how a vessel with more surface area touching less volume can infuse the wine or spirit quicker. The smaller the vessel, the faster the oak infusion. What took months before takes just days now with Oak Bottle. Use the Oak Bottle over and over again, it is reusable for over 50 normal aging cycles.

They have officially launched a KickStarter Campaign to raise funds to help with manufacturing and the production process of their latest prototype, the Oak Bottle 3.0.

Learn more about how to transform your wine with Oak Bottle.

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