Negroni Week is Back and here are their Best Cocktails


Negroni Week is back from June 6-12 this year and is already better than ever! This weeklong, charitable initiative is once again proving that the easy 1:1:1 drink recipe (Campari, Gin, Sweet Vermouth) is more than just a simple cocktail… it has truly become lifestyle. In the Negroni Cocktail Riff section you’ll find Negroni Cold Brew from Green Russell in Denver, a tableside served Negroni infused with a crème de cacao-soaked strawberry rim from Chef Michael Mina, and Holy Mountain in San Francisco has created a tropical Negroni punch served out of the mouth of a watermelon creature.

Here’s how to shake them yourself…

Negroni Romano
.75oz Bulldog Gin
.75oz Campari
.75oz Cinzano 1757
1.5oz Pablo’s Negroni Aged Cold Brew Coffee
2 barspoons Vanilla Syrup
Stir over ice or chilled
Garnish with Lemon Twist

Cold Brew Negroni Cocktail

Dutch Monte
Available at Amor y Amargo
¾ oz Campari
¾ oz Amaro Montenegro
1 ½ oz Bols Genever
2 dash Degroffs Pimento Bitters
Stirred. Served over rocks with an orange twist.

Dutch Monte 4

Bitter Bird
Available at Mother of Pearl
¾ oz. Campari
¾ oz. Dolin Rouge
½ oz. Plantation Pineapple
½ oz. Cruzan Blackstrap

Bitter Bird

Kingston Negroni
Available at Pouring Ribbons
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. Smith & Cross Jamaican rum
1 oz. Carpano Antica sweet vermouth
Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and stir briskly until just cold. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with an orange twist, expressed & inserted.

Kingston Negroni

What’s Old is New
Created by Benjamin Schiller, The Sixth
.75 oz Campari
1.5 oz Koval Aged Gin
.5 oz Koval Millet
.5 oz Carpano Antica
1 small pinch Sea Salt
Aromatic Garnish of Lemon Oil, discard peel

What's Old is New

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