Molinari Sambuca Extra Introduces an Italian Ritual to the American Market: Caffè Corretto


Just in time for tomorrow’s National Espresso Day, Molinari Sambuca Extra, the number one selling Sambuca in the world, is introducing Italy’s number one method of consuming Sambuca to American consumers with Caffè Corretto. For generations, Italians have been enjoying the tableside ritual of pouring Sambuca into their espresso. If you wish to drink espresso like the Italians, prepare the Molinari Corretto with this ritual:

1. Correct an espresso with a teaspoon of Molinari Sambuca Extra

2. Enjoy your coffee

3. After drinking Caffè Corretto, pour the rest of the Molinari Sambuca Extra into the empty cup, swirl to rinse (resintin) and enjoy!

Learn more about Molinari Sambuca Extra.


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