Low Calorie Cocktails with TY KU Sake


In spite 4th of July being just a distant memory now, there’s still many reasons to celebrate: birthdays, promotions, bar mitzvah or just a simple reason of being awesome. For any occasion at all we suggest to try out and toast with something different – a cocktail from TY KU Sake. These low calorie cocktail recipes are easy to make and will light up the party mood.

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Coconut Dreamty ku sake - coconut dream cocktail

2 oz. TY KU Coconut Sake
1 oz. Orange Juice
1 oz. Pineapple Juice
Shake well, serve chilled

ty ku sake - summer sake splash cocktail

Summer Sake Splash

3 oz. TY KU Coconut Sake
Muddle in fresh Raspberries

Silver Shootersilver shooter cocktail - ty ku sake

2 oz. TY KU Sake Silver
3 oz. Soda Water

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