Keep your Spirits Cold with Savor Stones from Cork Pops


Tough week at work, clock hits 5 on a Friday and all you want to do kick back, relax and have a cold one. Without watering them down. Soapstone Savor Stones will save your Friday! They keep your favorite drinks cool without the dilution. They’re made out of recycled soapstone or granite cute with smooth edges that won’t mar glass and they’re super easy to use. Keep cubes in freezer for approx. 4 hours before use and after using, rinse, dry and place back in freezer. These are great for whiskey, vodka, liqueurs, white wine and all your other favorite drinks. The set includes 9 Savor Stones + Black Velvet Pouch = Happy Friday!

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Savor Stones from Cork Pops (3)

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