Get the VIP Restaurant Treatment with Resy App


It’s 2014 and apps are basically running our lives. Some to save us from boredom, others that save our lives on a daily basis. How could we ever live without on-demand delivery or black car service? Well… get ready to add one more vitally important app to that list. Resy is for people who love to eat at great restaurants but hate hassling for reservations. That makes pretty much everyone we know, right?That’s why this is such a revolutionary service.

Resy teamed up with some of the best restaurants in town to ensure you get a VIP table whether you have a 6 o’clock meeting or a 10 o’clock candle dinner. No need to book 30 days in advance, for $25 there’s gonna be a premium table on a Saturday night¬†waiting for you or $10 on a Tuesday, if you want to bypass the prime time. Tap on the screen and enjoy a friend of the chef treatment.

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