Facundo Rum Collection by Bacardi: Drinkable Art Form


We love special edition spirits because not only they tend to capture the essence of time in a tasty delight but they wrap it all in an art form also know as thoughtfully designed packaging. Facundo Rum Collection is a tribute to Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso and his pursuit of refined rums. Four distinct age sipping drinks all capture their personality in designed decanter-like bottles, inspired by Cuba’s golden age of art deco.

The lightest from the collection Neo is designed in the shape of relief sculpture of famous artists such as Juan Jose Sicre. Its sensual shapes and bold geometric lines capture both the city of Havana and the taste of rum. Eximo is the only rum that’s blended before aging, making it smooth and rich. To accompany the taste Eximo packaging pays tribute to Cuba’s favorite gathering place to savor rum and cigars – Habana Bar. The bold Exquisito rum is packed into the pulsating energy of rhumba and Havana’s tropical Riviera, bringing all that vibrance and joy for life onto the sexy curves of the bottle. Paraiso features a unique blend of Bacardi’s finest. Its packaging evokes the beauty of an island sunset while including the history of the Bacardi distillery with the iconic bat and palm tree. Facundo Rum Collection is a must for all Bacardi lovers as well as appreciators of bottled art.

This piece of art was designed by Duffy & Partners.

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Facundo Rum Collection by Bacardi Drinkable Art Form - eximo Facundo Rum Collection by Bacardi Drinkable Art Form - exquisito Facundo Rum Collection by Bacardi Drinkable Art Form - neo Facundo Rum Collection by Bacardi Drinkable Art Form - paraiso

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