Everything You Need to Know About Buying an Engagement Ring


Buying the right engagement ring is the key to a perfect proposal. Nothing will put a bigger smile on your partner’s face than proposing with a ring that clearly displays your thoughtfulness and commitment.

Choosing an engagement ring, however, is a tedious process that leaves plenty of room for mistakes. Here are five factors you should think about before shopping for the perfect ring.

The Cost

The first step to buying any big ticket item is to establish a clear price range that you can afford. Doing so will narrow down your choices and help you focus more on other factors like style and setting.

It’s also important to consider financing options. Purchasing a special engagement ring will likely require more money than you can pay up front, but don’t put yourself too far in debt. Establish a reasonable price range, and stick to it at all costs.

The Size

When your partner says ‘yes’, sliding the ring onto their finger and seeing the diamond shine is a heart-stopping moment. The question is… is it the right size?

The only sure way to determine the perfect size is to measure one of your partner’s other rings. You can measure it yourself or bring it to a jeweler to get the right ring size. If you can’t find a ring to measure with, you may be faced with an important question: is your proposal’s surprise factor a big concern? If not, you can simply ask your partner for their ring size and put more effort in surprising her with a romantic proposal idea.

The Style

The style of the engagement ring is the most difficult — and most important — part to get right. Nothing will highlight your thoughtfulness more than selecting a ring that matches all of your partner’s tastes and preferences.

Whether you are designing your own engagement ring or selecting one off the shelf, a ring’s style is determined largely by the characteristics of its band. Based on your partner’s other jewelry, you can determine whether gold, platinum or silver is the best choice. Gold is a bit more difficult to gauge correctly because of the variety of shades that are available with the metal.

The Setting

The setting of a ring is an oft-overlooked part of its style. The setting lies front and center on the band and comes in a variety of styles. Each style of setting has distinct pros and cons, but everything revolves around the day-to-day activity of your partner. Some settings are designed for glitz and wow factor while others are designed for diamond security and utility.

The Diamond

Last but not least, the diamond is the hallmark feature of the engagement ring. There are so many choices in selecting the perfect diamond, but the process can be simplified by keeping this in mind: this diamond will be a symbol of your relationship for a long time. Unless you are sure your partner would have long-lasting enjoyment from a trendier shape of diamond, get one that’s timeless. Avoid hearts, ovals and other abnormal shapes, and focus on your circles and squares.

There is a lot that goes into buying the perfect engagement ring. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by trying to tackle everything at once. Determine your cost, size and style individually, and your proposal will look exactly like you hoped it would.

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