Eckō Unltd. 72 Saves the Rhinos


Eckō Unltd. delivers cool confidence with the launch of Eckō Unltd. 72. Capturing the excitement of limitless possibilities, this fragrance is for men who defy convention and push the limits at every turn. Inspired by that spirit and passion, and in honor of World Rhino Day, Eckō Unltd. 72 is proud to announce the #EckoRhinoRescue initiative.

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Rhinos have been around for 40 million years and are a crucial part of a wide range of ecosystems, but at the moment, at the current rate of poaching rhinos face extinction in the wild in just 11 years. In partnership with Save the Rhino International, Eckō Unltd. 72 will raise funds and conservation awareness for all five rhino species

For each Instagram post featuring the rhino—whether it’s a drawing, stuffed animal, or selfie in a rhino Tshirt— and tagged #EckoRhinoRescue, Eckō Unltd. 72 will donate $1 to Save the Rhino. Kicking off the initiative with an American college tour and digital campaign, Eckō Unltd. 72 is committed to helping save Rhinos from extinction.

Lern more about how to help save the rhinos.

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