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How to Get Approved for The Chase Freedom Card

In this post you’re going to learn how to get approved for the Chase Freedom Card.

I’ve traveled to 39 different destinations all around the world using points and currently have 2.4 million miles in my accounts and I’m here to teach you all my secrets. Subscribe to our channel for our latest credit card hacks and keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

If you’ve watched our Chase Freedom review on Youtube, then we’ve got the phone number that’s going to give you a second chance to get approved for the card.

If you get denied online, then call this number. Make sure to highlight your income, your ability to repay and if you cross your fingers, hopefully you get that approval:

  • Chase Freedom Backdoor Number: 1-888-270-2127

This is the  first points credit card I got and I recommend you start your journey here as well.

First let’s talk about the overall credit card strategy you want to focus on called the Chase Trifecta:

  • Chase Freedom Credit Card
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card/Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Chase Ink Business Credit Card

Freedom offers 5x up to $1500 per quarter and $6k per year

CSP is tier 2 which allows you to transfer points and earns 2x and 3x on travel and dining for the CSR

Chase Ink business ($95 annual fee)

  • Earns 3x on travel, shipping, internet, cable, phone services and advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines

Each of these cards allows you to maximize your everyday spend so you can get $1000s in cash back or the ability to fly anywhere at anytime.

How to get approved for the Chase Freedom

  • Get a student card once you turn 18
  • 6-12 months later apply for Chase Freedom
  • 12 months later or once you graduate get the CSP or possibly CSR if your salary is $100k

You want to make sure to factor in the Chase 5/24 rule, which says that you can’t get approved for any Chase card if you have more than 5 applications (from any provider) in the past 24 months. So before you apply for any cards, make sure to consider your overall goal.

If you want to get the CSR or Chase Ink Business, then you should only add the Chase Freedom or Chase Freedom Unlimited to your wallet.

Factors that go into the chase freedom approval:

  • Existing credit line and ability to repay (as demonstrated by a student credit card)
  • Credit Score Needed for Chase Freedom: 680 or so.
  • Other Key Factors: Income, assets and existing debt obligations.
  • In terms of income you need to be able to handle payments of $500 per month which is the starter credit line, about $6k per year (Income from parents count, so include it in application)

Pre-Approval: You can check to see if you’re pre-qualified for Chase Freedom for free online without hurting your credit. There’s no risk.

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