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Fly from PHX to the Northeast for Just 25k Points

Today we are helping a family fly from PHX to the Northeast for 25k points and to be reunited with their family for the Holidays.

Having lived in the Northeast for the last 7 years, there is no lacking of airports. We’ve got LGA, JFK and Newark EWR, all with so many flights to choose from and all are just a short one hour drive to points like Philly, making it an ideal airport to travel through.

Read on to discover how you can book your own family get-together from PHX to the Northeast for just 25k points.

If you want to take a flight with points, fill out our Free Dream Trip: Free Credit Card Consultation, and you will see your report produced just like this one.

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Cheap Flights from PHX to Newark

We found multiple flights from PHX to Newark within the $600 ballpark. We are highlighting the United Airlines 16.5k flight, each way, for its comparable points price, short flight time, and ease of transferability.

PHX to Newark on Alaska Air for 25k Points

We began our search with Alaska Air. Their $185 flight using 25k points gives you a measly $0.0074 per point. Between the low rate of return on your points and the lack of non-stop flights available for reward flights, we searched again.

PHX to Newark on Jet Blue for 22.6k Points

Secondly, we searched Jet Blue and found a $301 ticket going for 22.6k points plus $11. This option gives you just $0.013 per point and their total travel time was 10 hours. With this ho-hum points rate, the travel time is agonizingly long for such a short trip, especially if you are travelling as a family.

PHX to Newark for 16.5k Points on United

Finally, we searched United Airlines and found an excellent alternative. For 25k points, this $486 flight gives you $0.019 per point, the highest for this trip. Bonus: we found a non-stop flight getting you there in just 4.5 hours for just 16.5k points each way which still gives you $0.015 per point. By selecting this option, you can cut 3.5 hours off your flight time and double that investment into additional time spent with your family.

To redeem this flight easily transfer your points through Chase Ultimate Rewards.

PHX to Elmira

Our client requested the search extend to include Elmira, NY and Scranton, PA. Our search for Elmira flights from PHX came up dry so we searched again and reached out to LeHigh Valley, PA.

Fly PHX to LeHigh Valley for 25k Points on United

We included a search for LeHigh Valley International Airport given its close proximity to Philadelphia. We found a United flight  that rang up at $601 and  translated to 25k points giving you decent $0.024 per point.

Cheap Flights from PHX to Scranton

We conducted a further search to include Scranton as another possibility at our client’s request. We found several flights pricing up at $575 round trip. For this option, we are highlighting the United flight for 25k points giving you a healthy $0.026 per point.

Fly PHX to Scranton for 25k Points on American

We searched American Airlines and discovered a points match with United at 25k per round trip. However, this $283 dollar flight is only giving you $0.011 per point. This is almost skyway robbery, not to mention that they are not a transfer partner with Chase and it is a convoluted process to attempt a points transfer.

Fly PHX to Scranton for 25k Points on United

Our last search netted the best result on a 25k point United roundtrip.  We found a $647 flight that was giving a great $0.026 per point.

To redeem this flight, simply transfer your points through Chase Ultimate Rewards.


How to Get 100k More United Points

Based on the current cards you have, our recommendation is to get the Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card, which has an 100k sign up bonus when you spend $15,000 in the first three months, easily enough points to cover three of your round trip flights to the Northeast. Simply transfer your points through Chase Ultimate Rewards to complete your booking.

We offer this service for free, so please sign up using our credit card link to support more free consultations.

Right now we’re offering FREE Credit Card Consultations, so fill this out and let us know how we can help you plan your Dream Trip

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