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How to Fly First Class to Dubai with Points

Today we are helping a family fly First Class to Dubai. Dubai is an exotic wonderland of rich cultural sites and activities. We love the amazing activities of Dubai like the Tanoura Dance Festival, and camel rides, Add to this a few pleasures such as the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination, Burj Khalifa,  and dancing fountain on the Burj Lake making Dubai a much sought-after destination and a location at the top of our list.

Read on to discover how to book your cheap flight to Dubai from Heathrow

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Cheap Flights to Dubai

We found numerous flights for the Heathrow to Dubai route. We are highlighting the KLM Airlines flight for 102.5k points.

Fly First Class to Dubai

Fly First Class to Dubai for 103.25k Points on British

We began our search with British Airways, your national carrier. We found a $3,000 GBP flight for 103.250k points plus a large $673 fee. This option is giving you $0.036 per point.

Fly First Class to Dubai

Fly First Class to Dubai for 90k Points on Emirates

Next we searched Emirates Airlines and found a $6,000 GBP flight for a much lower 90k points giving you $0.076 per point. However, when you factor in the enormous $900 GBP fee per person, this option is less attractive.

Fly First Class to Dubai

Fly First Class to Dubai for 102.5k Points on KLM

Next we checked KLM and found an option comparable to British Airways but saving you 750 points and $173 per person. This KLM flight is  $3,500 GBP for a slightly lower 102.5k points plus a $500 USD fee. This option is giving you slightly better $0.039 per point.

Fly First Class to Dubai

How to Get 60k KLM Points

Based on the current cards you have, our recommendation is to sign up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card, to get 60k bonus points after you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months, for your First Class round-trip to Dubai. We have put together five reasons the Chase Sapphire Preferred should be your first travel credit card.

You can easily transfer your new Chase Sapphire points through Chase Ultimate Rewards to FlyingBlue and redeem for this flight. Chase transfers at a 1:1 ratio.

How to get an Additional 50k Points to Use on KLM

Our recommendation is to sign up for the Bank of America Premium Rewards card to get 50k bonus points to apply to your First Class round trip to Dubai. This card offers 2x points on travel & dining, 1.5x points on all other purchases.

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