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Fly Business to Oahu for 110k Points

Today we are helping a couple fly Business to Oahu for 110k points. We love Hawaii for its diverse activities and islands to visit. Whether your bite of Hawaiian adventure takes the form of diving with sharks, snorkeling at Hanauma Bay or indulging at Ahi Assassins, you will love all that Hawaii has to offer.

Read more to learn how you can fly Business Class to Oahu on 110k points.

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BNA Nashville, TN
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Do you have trip coming up? If not, what is your dream trip? Let us know how many people and where you want to visit. *
My wife and I want to visit our daughter who lives in Hawaii. Probably early summer 2020.
How do you want to fly there?
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Just for informational purposes, I have an average credit score of around 700, have 4 credit cards that I applied for and received in December 2019 – Discover IT, Petal VISA, Capital One Quick SilverOne, and Fifth Third Truly Simple MasterCard. I do not have Chase cards yet. I applied for the Chase Safire Reserve and the Citi Double Cashback, but was denied for both.
How many cards have you applied for in the last 24 months?
How much could you reasonably spend per month in total on credit cards?

Cheap Flights to Oahu

We found multiple flights to Oahu. A Business Class trip on this route will set you back about $2,000-3,000. We are highlighting the American Airlines flight for 110k points.

Fly Business to Oahu for 180k on United

We searched United Airlines and found a $2,600 flight for 180k points. For this trip you are getting $0.014 per point. This seemed a bit high for the amount of points needed for this flight and the return on points is low. We kept searching to get you a better deal.

Fly Business to Oahu for 120k Points on Alaska

We found a $1,600 flight on Alaska Airlines going for 120k points. This option is giving you a paltry $0.013 negating the reduction in points needed for this trip.

Fly Business to Oahu for 110k Points on American

We searched American Airlines and found a $2,400 flight going for 110k points giving you $0.022 per point. Here you are getting the best value with lowest points price and highest rate for your points.

To redeem this flight, simply log into your AAdvantage account and choose your flight.

How to Get 50k Points to use on American Airlines

Based on your current credit cards, our recommendation is to get the Citi American Airlines AAdvantage card and with 2x points, low annual fee, and a 50k point sign up bonus, towards your Round trip Business Class flight to Oahu.

How to Get An Additional 10k Points to use on American Airlines

Based on your current credit cards, our recommendation is to get the American Airlines AAdvantage MileUp card and with 2x points, no annual fee, and a 10k point sign up bonus, towards your Round trip Business Class flight to Oahu.

Get there faster with American Airline’s discounted buy miles offer

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Right now we’re offering FREE Credit Card Consultations, so fill this out and let us know how we can help you plan your Dream Trip.

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