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Fly to Honolulu From San Jose for Just 20k Miles

Having never been to Hawaii, one of the biggest questions I have is.. which island is the best for me? With cheap flights to Honolulu you might consider starting here.

If you’re looking for high-end shopping, fine dining and nightlife, then Oahu, where Honolulu is, is the island for you. What if you want relaxation, natural beauty, and a more laid back vibe? Then that means you’re heading to Maui. It’s got tumbling waterfalls, laid-back nightlife, championship-level golf, hiking, biking, snorkeling and more.

Now that I’ve got you primed and thinking about that unbelievable trip, let’s help you book your own flight to Hawaii for (almost free) with points.

Keep reading to learn how we are helping a family of 4 head from SJC to HNL for just 20k points.

If you want to take a flight with points, fill out our Free Dream Trip: Free Credit Card Consultation, and you will see your report produced just like this one.

Points and Miles Request

Home Aiport * San Jose ca
How Did You Hear About This?
  • Youtube
Do you have trip coming up? If not, what is your dream trip? Let us know how many people and where you want to visit. * Hawaii Honolulu Family of 4
How do you want to fly there? Economy / Cheapest
How do you want to fly home? Economy / Cheapest
How are you traveling? Family
How many airline miles or points do you currently have? Please list them out * 60000
Which Credit Cards Do You Have? *
  • Chase Freedom
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
How many cards have you applied for in the last 24 months? 1
How much could you reasonably spend per month in total on credit cards? $5000-$10,000

Cheap Flights to Honolulu from San Jose

We found a couple of good flight options from SJC to HNL and we are highlighting a Delta Airlines flight we found with an economical 20k points return.

This flight prices up at $1073 per person or $4292 for a family of four. We need a better price point to make this a family dream vacation.

Cheap Flights to Honolulu for 40k Points on Hawaiian

Our first stop when looking for a place to redeem our points was Hawaiian Airlines. They are after all, the ‘state’ carrier of Hawaii. What we found, however, was a bit disappointing. Round trip economy flights on Hawaiian were 40k, that’s a paltry $0.026 per point. That’s almost as much as it costs to fly Business Class from NYC to LA.

Cheap Flights to Honolulu for 15k Points on Alaska

A quick search on Alaska found us a slightly better option. You can fly for 30k points return. On a $1073 flight, this is giving you $0.036 per point. With this option, you are spending 10k fewer points and getting a higher return on your points. However, your Chase points do not transfer because Alaska is not part of an airline alliance. So we expanded our search to include more options.

What Are The Cheapest Flights SJC to HNL?

Going back to our search, we included 1-stop flights and found a winner. Although it adds two hours to the flight time, you use 10k less points, get a better points rate, and have the option to use pre-existing points. Read more to see how it works.

Flights to Hawaii for 20k Points on Delta

Expanding our search was definitely the way to go. Now we have a 20k point round trip flight on Delta. The price for this flight is a little lower at $956, $3824 for a family of four. However, a points trip is only 20k return and gives you $0.048 per point.

Now you can easily transfer your 60k points over to SkyMiles through Chase Ultimate Rewards and start packing. You have the first three fares covered already.

How to Get 30k Delta Points with Amex Green

Based on the current cards you have, our recommendation is to get the Amex Green, which has a 30k sign up bonus, easily enough miles for the fourth ticket with bonus points left over.

How to Get 133k Air France Miles

Air France can fly select Delta flights, so if you want to really boost your mileage accounts, this is a great card to consider.

Based on the current cards you have, our recommendation is to get the Spark Miles from Capital One which currently has a 50k sign up bonus, when you spend $4,500 in the first 3 months of account opening, easily enough miles for 2 roundtrip flights to Singapore with bonus points left over. An added bonus is their transfer partnership with Flying Blue/KLM.

Quick note: Capital One points transfer at a 2:1.5 ratio, so the 50k points we get can turn into 133k Air France Miles.

We offer this service for free, so please sign up using our credit card link to support more free consultations.

Right now we’re offering FREE Credit Card Consultations, so fill this out and let us know how we can help you plan your Dream Trip.

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