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Fly Business Class to Singapore for Just 85k Miles

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Business Class to Singapore is unforgettable. As a must-see destination, I fell in love with the beauty and vibrancy of the Singaporean culture. Today we are helping a family experience their summer dream trip to the wonders of Singapore in Business Class.

If you want to take a flight with points, fill out our Free Dream Trip: Free Credit Card Consultation, and you will see your report produced just like this one.

Read on to discover how you can fly Business Class from Boston to Singapore for only 85k points in Business Class.

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My husband and son and I are planning to fly to Singapore from Boston next year in the summer. I already have enough Marriott points to stay for five nights. I just need to figure out how we are going to fly there in at least big business class if not first class.
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Have currently I have 100,000 chase points, 80,000 Delta points, and only 4500 city points left at the moment, but we are working on building those up.
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Cheap Flights from Boston to Singapore

There are numerous flights leaving from BOS for SIN. We started by looking at the Delta Airlines flight with preferred partner Korean Air.

This flight prices up at $4,760 roundtrip. For three people this is a jawdropping $14,280 price tag.

255k Business Class to Singapore on Delta

Since you have Delta points we began your search on the Delta site.  When you factor in three people travelling, the benefit is negated with this incredibly steep points redemption.

To book this flight, the process is fairly simple, once you have your best dates and points price set, transfer your points to Sky Team and book your trip. If you have Chase points in your account, you can easily transfer them to Sky Team to be applied with your Delta points.

On a $4,760 ticket you are getting $0.019 per point which is not a great return to begin with. However, when you factor in a points trip at 765k points + $371.25 for three tickets, this option is, frankly, pretty awful.

Let’s see how much better we can do…

90k Business Class to Singapore on United

On United, an Economy one-way fare ranges from 40k points up to 90k points. This essentially makes the Business Saver fare a free upgrade at 90k points.

To redeem this flight, your Citi points convert, and Chase points transfer, directly to United giving you access to 104,500 points you currently hold.

At $5008 return per person or $15,048 total, this option using 540k points gives you $0.028 per point, a more economical option.

85k Business Class to Singapore on KLM


Coming in just under the wire is KLM airline. Air France and KLM are SkyMiles alliance partners. You can transfer your Chase points, Citi points, and use your Delta points for this flight.

Start your search on FlyingBlue, select the airline, routes and pricing that works best for you, transfer your points to SkyMiles. From there you will be able to book and fly Business Class from Boston to Singapore.

At a per ticket price of $3898, this flight for 170k points return, or 510k for all three passengers, breaks down to  $0.023 per point. Although you are getting slightly less return value per point, you are using 5k fewer points on a single one way ticket netting you a substantial savings. Scoop up additional savings with Flying Blue’s Promo Rewards offering up to 50% off bookings with miles.


How to Get 133k Air France Miles

Based on the current cards you have, our recommendation is to get the Capital One® Spark® Miles for Business which currently has an 200k sign up bonus, easily enough points for 2 roundtrip flights to Singapore with bonus points left over. An added bonus is their transfer partnership with Flying Blue/KLM.

Quick note: Capital One points transfer at a 2:1.5 ratio, so the 50,000 miles you get once you spend $4,500 in the first 3 months, we get turn into 133k Air France Miles by adding 150k miles from another source or the prior sign up bonus.

We offer this service for free, so please sign up using our credit card link to support more free consultations.

Right now we’re offering FREE Credit Card Consultations, so fill this out and let us know how we can help you plan your Dream Trip.

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