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I Bet You Can’t Leave This Page Without Buying One Of These Ingenious Gadgets

25 Coolest Gadgets of 2017

If you’re bored, nothing better to do than browse some cool gadgets that will totally make your life better.

I bought the Ostrich pillow and use it on every flight I take, plus it’s great if you’re trying to take a quick nap on your lunch break 🙂

And if you’re like me, and have a $20 burning a hole in your pocket, see if you can make it all the way through this list without 1-Click ordering these items from Amazon.

9. Camera mount


With this baby, you can take time lapses more easily.

Price: $30

Price: $30

2. Bottle safe

A bottle safe that's disguised as a regular ol' water bottle.

A bottle safe disguised as a regular water bottle.

Price: $14

3. Gravity-defying wine bottle holder

This will make your guest nod with agreement, and it looks quite de-vine.

Price: $5

4. Petal photo display


With this photo display, you could watch your family blossom.

Price: $21

5. Gyro exerciser


This is a legit product. It’s the craziest way to work out your arms.

Price: $20

6. Spork (Spoon/Fork)


With this, you could eat your cereal and steak on the same plate.

Price: $4

7. Modular lunch container

A modular lunch container kit that snaps together.

At the center, you can keep your lunch chilled with its freezer pack.

Price: $7

8. Water brush pens


If you have ever painted with water color you know how useful these can be.

Price: $11

9. Thor hammer night light


Afraid of the dark? Well never fear, Thor’s hammer is here!

Thor not your guy? They also have some other awesome super hero lights.

cool gadgets men

10. Jelly beans challenge

Jelly beans that will betray your palate and make you scrutinize everything you eat.

Can you accurately identify the flavor to the color?

Price: $9

11. Nifty travel organizer


You can fold this organizer into a triangle, how awesome is that?

Price: $10

12. Rugged tent-like umbrella

A rugged tent-like umbrella to throw some shade.

This can throw some shade and an awesome way to stay cool.

Price: $50

13. Umbrella hook

Your stuffs won’t catch sand anymore with this baby!

Price: $12

14. Shower caddy

A shower caddy with enough room to hold your bigger shampoo bottles.

This shower caddy have enough room to hold your bigger shampoo bottles.

Price: $16

15. Six-pack variety of gum

A six-pack variety of gum that's made from natural ingredients.

This gums are made from natural ingredients, don’t be “chewsy” now.

Price: $15

16. Unicorn plushie

A unicorn plushie of everyone’s favorite cartoon cat.

Who wouldn’t love this cute plushie. This is everyone’s favorite.

Price: $24

17. Flexible tablet stand

You could just lie down and not having to worry about holding on your tablet.

Price: $40

18. Laser-cut pineapple journal

A laser-cut pineapple journal for your sweet thoughts.

This journal is good for your sweet thoughts.

Price: $29

19. Infrared thermometer


This looks like a legit product, it’s useful too.

Price: $18

20.Versatile neck/head/eye pillow



You won’t be feeling uncomfortable taking a nap with this pillow.

Price: $45

21. Bag handles

Bag handles that'll let you easily make one-trip grocery runs.

Shopping just became much more easier.

Price: $10

22. Double-walled glass tea cups.

Heart-shaped, double-walled glass tea cups.

Who wouldn’t want to have a cup of tea with this tea cup?

Price: $25

23. Cup holder


This will let you carry open your drinks without spilling them.

Price: $15

24. Color-shifting polish

Color-shifting polish that will make your nails pop.

Well, this nail polish “nailed” it.

Price: $9

25. Waterproof notepad

A waterproof notepad so rain will never stop you from writing.

Rain won’t be able to stop you from writing ever again.

Price: $7

26. Adjustable measuring cup

An adjustable measuring cup that cleanly plunges out the exact amount.

This plunges out the exact amount, great for cooking.

Price: $12

27. Bidet

A bidet to make you distrust toilet paper.

This could make you distrust your toilet paper.

Price: $26

28. Homesick Candles

Homesick Candles from BuzzFeed that smell like your home state.

Have you ever been homesick? You won’t miss home anymore with this homesick candle.

Price: $30

29.  FURminator

This could help your reduce the amount of fur your cat sheds.

Price: $19

30. Microwavable s’more maker

A microwavable s’more maker for when fire is not an option.

Who wouldn’t want s’mores right?
Price: $20

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