Cocktails Every Man Should Grow to Love


You don’t need to be James Bond to smoothly hold a cocktail in hand. This summer, you should try expanding your drink horizons by experimenting with some different options whether they be classic, time-honored staples or new masterpieces created by the industry’s finest mixologists. So, the next time you’re thinking of opting for your go-to Jack and Coke, you can consider one of these drinks from our top 6 list! Cheers buddies!

1. Old Fashioned Cocktail

The Old Fashioned is a centuries-old cocktail made by blending sugar with bitters, then combining whiskey or brandy, and a dash of citrus. It’s a solid jockstrap of a drink that actually tastes of booze and packs a decent punch. Bottoms up, boys!.

2. Vodka Martini

A vodka martini is ideal for a man who truly savors the raw taste of this spirit. Created using vodka and dry vermouth, this cocktail offers a fierce burn that is made just for sipping. You can also add some saltiness by asking for a “dirty martini” which contains a splash of olive juice. It’s really the perfect man drink, full of intoxicating gusto that will rocket-fire your evening into feel-good town—or simply just perk up your daytime, but hey, who’s judging?

3. Island Passion Cocktail at The 21 Club

New to the menu of The 21 Club in New York, the Island Passion Cocktail offers a playful combination of Captain Morgan rum, ginger beer and passion fruit. It’s essentially a spin on the traditional Dark and Stormy cocktail, but for this drink, the restaurant is celebrating the tropics. The fruity flavors are wonderfully reminiscent of the islands, offering a savory  vibe that’s enjoyable to sip.

summer cocktail recipes_21 Club NY_Island Passion

4. Manhattan Cocktail

A Manhattan is a cocktail made with sweet vermouth, whiskey and orange peel shavings. The commonly used whiskeys include bourbon, rye and Tennessee whiskey. For the garnish, you get a nice Maraschino Cherry… but it’s not for you pal– save it for the ladies!

5. Sidecar Cocktail

The Sidecar is a cocktail that’s traditionally created with orange liqueur, cognac and lemon juice. Legend has it that the drink was invented around the end of World War I by a motorcyclist, but its real origins are generally mysterious. In terms of taste, it’s a close cousin to the Lemon Drop, and offers a nice toasty aura. Despite its old-school roots, this cocktail never ceases to satisfy, making it one you can drink continuously until last call.

6. The Link Ray at The Happiest Hour

The Link Ray is new to the menu at the Happiest Hour in New York. It’s made with a combination of jalapeño-infused tequila, lime juice and cane syrup, poured into a highball glass rimmed with celery powder and salt, and topped with soda. The heart of this drink is refreshing and crisp, yet features a punch of unexpected flavor, making it an adventurous yet unusual drink.

summer cocktail recipes_Happiest Hour NY_Link Ray Cocktail

You can easily make these drinks at home by visiting out cocktail guide.

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