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ByNext NYC Cleaners & Home Cleaning Time is Money Well Spent (+$15 Off Coupon Code)

The advent of technology has made everything quick and approachable. With the trend of specialization, the assignment of duties have become quite easy. Now, we have professionals for literally everything. For instance, house cleaning services remain an important facility that people utilize to maintain their residences. That way they get to enjoy clean houses without the need for any laborious effort. Following these prevalent trends, ByNext remains a reliable cleaning service that helps you maintain a clean, sanitary, and healthy home.

What happened to Cleanly?

The ByNext services remain an amalgamation of two companies. Before that, the brand was known as Cleanly, and it was found in 2014. The main objective of the Cleanly executives was to provide professionals with numerous work commitments a way out of doing house chores.  After a day of constant socio-economic engagements, everyone just wants to rest and unwind from the day. And for achieving that, cleanly provided laundry and dry-cleaning facilities that were just a click away.

For providing a complete experience cleanly had two strategies: Firstly, in order to ensure maximum comfort, cleanly brought its services to the clients house via pickup services. And secondly, once the order finishes, it would be brought back to the customer via home delivery service. Hence, the company aimed to ensure an experience that didn’t involve standing in long lines or driving to pick up your dry cleaning back and forth.

That is how Cleanly established itself as a laundry business in the market. However, in 2019, the executives decided to merge the company due to its potential. And become one with Next Cleaners in order to provide people with a broader spectrum of services that include not only laundry and dry cleaning but also home cleaning services for all the busy folks out there.

What is ByNext NYC Dry Cleaners & Home Cleaning?

The ByNext NYC Cleaners & Home Cleaning was found after amalgamating Cleanly and Next Cleaners. The latter were one of the largest dry cleaners in New York possessing certified license for their environment friendly initiatives for using green products as solvents to remove dirt from clothes. Not just that, for delivering the products to clients, Next Cleaners utilized electric cycles to expand their objective. Also, this particular brand was affiliated to home cleaning services, a sister company, that offered home cleaning services. That is how ByNext came into being.

Since its creation, ByNext has not stopped growing. With every passing day, it receives new customers with all kinds of cleaning requests. Right now, it is offering services to around 50,000 active clients. Moreover, it has worked for well known brands adding to its reputation and portfolio of services.

With every service completion, ByNext has achieved excellent reviews because of its high regard for all customers and special emphasis on quality customer care. Also, it has been called the Uber of the laundry world, a remark that helps describe its performance. Another by-product of ByNext’s success is the environmental awareness it is spreading. Environmental issues remain an important obstacle in the progress of mankind. And for solving this issue, many have come with effective solutions that not only educate people regarding it but also helps them adopt a green thinking and lifestyle in the best interests of our environment.

What services does ByNext offer?

ByNext has multiple services to offer for all its clients. By dividing them into categories, we basically deal in 6 different services. These categories are as follows:

Where does ByNext have laundry pickup and delivery?

The first category is that Dry Cleaning. In this specific service, we entertain the options of Business Wear, Designer Wears, Wedding Attires, Formal dresses, Leather, fur and even suede. Hence, we cover all sensitive and tough fabrics that need special care and handling.

Where does ByNext have house cleaning?

The second category is that of a very common item that we receive for everyday formal wear. That is the dress shirts. With our years of experience in the cleaning business, the cleaning team is well versed in the art of thoroughly washing those dress shirts. And it is done so while maintaining the quality and color of the shade to expand its lifetime.

What are the prices for ByNext wash & fold, dry cleaning?

Our team uses a specific stain removal process followed by pressing, both hand and machine, that make you look presentable in your tidy and great smelling top. The following steps are what we adopt to grant you the best cleaning results:

First, we remove the collar strays in order to prevent the strips from leaving any print on your shirt. Then we inspect the buttons to ensure that no damage in done prior to the service. If any damage occurs during service, we replace the accessories and repair it fully. Next, we carefully check all pockets to remove any extra contents such as a card, tissue, or anything. The collar, underarms and the cuffs undergo spot cleaning procedure before laundering begins. Also, we tend to remove water and oil stains before putting the shirt to laundry. Also, ByNext prohibits the use of starch or bleach.

Once the laundry procedures are done, we send the luxury and cotton shirts for hand press to avoid any machine damage, wrinkled corners, creases, or leftover pinches at the back or on sleeves. The last step that is to package the shirt depends solely on the customer’s preferences. For instance, you can have ByNext fold it, box it or hung and even covered.

How much does it cost for ByNext to clean your house?

The Next service that we provide is that of clothes restoration, tailoring and alteration facilities. With a skilled team of tailors, ByNext offers you the opportunity to get those cloths altered to fit your needs. In this particular category, we provide the following services at all our franchises:

Firstly, we offer hemming and tapering facility for pants, skirts, tops, dresses, and jeans. Next, we also perform shortening of sleeve lengths for all attires like jackets, tops, dresses etc. Also shoulder adjustment of jackets, tops or dresses is also available. Another common repair that we offer is repairing zips, buttons, and sewing or patching holes in clothes.

Apart from all this, we perform custom alterations as per the demands of customers. Also, if you have an old dress in your closet which you don’t want to let go of, we can restore or even redesign it the way you want. That way, you don’t get rid of it and enjoy something new.

Deep Cleaning and Residential Surfaces

For carrying a thorough surface cleaning, the ByNext team uses the following strategy:

First, the team begins with a complete dusting of all surfaces and wiping all wardrobes, shelves, cabinets in all kitchens and bathrooms clean. The step pertains to exterior surfaces only.

Next, we move on to cleaning appliances including that of refrigerator, microwave, and cookers that you possess in the house. The cleaning also pertains to exterior appliances.

Thirdly, we move on to cleaning of dryers and washing machines. And then lastly, the cleaners carry out a complete cleansing of washrooms, walls, showers, bathtubs, toilets, and sinks. Also, we cleanse the shower glass, mirror surfaces and doors of the room too.

Fourthly, the house cleaning services include floor vacuums and mopping. From that we move on to setting your bedspreads. And wiping down the walls using special mops. And lastly, when all this is done, the cleaners carefully remove the garbage from your house.  For providing all these services, ByNext ensures that our team addresses all your cleaning demands. And for that they’re put through a training program granting them special expertise regarding each and every step. Lastly, all cleaners are employees of ByNext and not third partly labor.

Cleaning Servies for Stores and Offices:

For providing cleaning services to your office location, our reliable team of cleaners work to keep you office or your store for that fact spick and span. In order to provide these services, you can contact ByNext as many times as you want. Hence, it can be one time clean or regular cleaning depending upon your requirement. So, you can focus on your business, and we’ll keep your store or workplace tidy.

ByNext also helps you deep clean your offices. For instance, if your employees go for a spring vacation or winter break, the office remains closed for days. In that time, the location can get really dusty because there’s no regular cleaning. So, to disinfect your office spaces and through cleaning, ByNext is always there for you. Moreover, in this recent times, sanitizing and disinfecting the offices every now and then is a good cleaning strategy. And that is the key to ensuring a safe and healthy office environment.

Here, it doesn’t matter what size your office is, or whether you have a really large retail outlet, all you need to do is contact ByNext and we’re there to help you fight those germs off your property. And operate in a clean vicinity.

After cleaning the office locations, ByNext team provides your employees with necessary tips on maintaining the hygiene of office spaces. Also, the team uses the best of tools and products that are to get any dirt, mud, or stain off your property.


Pickup and Delivery Services for your Laundry

ByNext collaborates with Metro Speed with custom made cargo tricycles that aim to reduce the carbon print in the atmosphere and provide you with environment friendly delivery services.

To order our pickup and delivery services, following steps are important.

  • To plan a pickup window that fits with your schedule, simply book your service online (or download ‘ByNext’ from the app store).
  • Organize your stuff to be cleaned in a plastic bag. The things listed above include your underwear, socks, t-shirts, jeans, gym shorts, linens, and other similar items (products that do not need to be dry cleaned or pressed). Pricing is done on a per-pound basis.
  • Within 24 hours, we will send your clothing that have been washed and nicely folded.


  • Another alternative is to deliver the dirty clothes to us in person at one of our 20 retail locations, where they will be ready for pickup after 6pm on the next business day.
  • Your items are cleaned and dried separately from the orders of other customers, and they are properly arranged, folded, and wrapped before being sent.
  • Do you have any particular requests? We have a unique non-allergenic soap to make your life easier. Please notify us and we will take care of it for you.
  • We take special care with specialty products and wash them in knit bags to ensure that nothing gets stuck or snagged during the cleaning process.

Vicinity of House Cleaning Facility

Currently, ByNext services are available in New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. We operate in more than 25 outlets and provides delivery services around the city. Also, we’re continually extending our service area, and we hope to offer our garment care and house cleaning services to a location near you soon.

Rates of Services

ByNext aims to ensure accessible price ranges for customers of all capacities. The cost of dry cleaning depends on various factors including your location. In order to find out the package, enter your zip code on website and get to know the payment structure.

Coupon Codes

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