Business Casual Men’s Style Guide: Examples of What to Wear to Look Like a Boss


The Business Casual

Business Casual is one of the most essential outfit any man should know.  It is important that for any professional individual to explore and learn the right way to wear business casual attire on a daily basis. Don’t fall into a trap of wearing anything comfortable or something that you’re used to wear. More often than not, you will lose the impression on you of any kind. People believe that the way we dress shows who we are and our statutes in the society.  In this article, we spend time looking and choosing for the most essential and some of the best way to wear a Business Casual attire. You will surely love to read this article as much as rediscovering your new fashion statement and knowing what to wear to look like a Boss!

Business Casual Shoes

There’s no single day in a man’s life that shoes are taken for granted. Simply put, shoes are as essential as clothing. A classic suede or oxford shoes for a business casual kind-of-day is all it takes to complete the outfit. You can either choose black, brown or grey colors, what matters most is that you feel comfortable and confident wearing the best shoes for your business.

Here are a few pointers when choosing your shoe, as it can often be the most integral part of putting your outfit together:


  • Unique shades work best for business casual. Try not to go for the boring black dress shoe.
  • Oxfords, loafers, and dress boots all work wonderfully depending on the season and weather.
  • You can never go wrong with brown, navy, or gray hues.
  • Avoid square-toe shoes. They don’t look good on anyone.

If you are looking for a few on-the-mark examples of shoes that look great with any business casual outfit, look no further than these 3 I have hand selected.


Barclay Driver shoe – $62


Luther Chukka shoe – $78


Duke Double Monk Strap shoe – $80


Gucci Horsebit Suede Loafter – $570

Business Casual Shirts

For men, a good and comfortable shirt does all the work on any given day. You may wear your favorite shirt with a coat, a sweater or a vest. The best thing about business casual shirts is that it covers the thin line between formal and casual. You can practically wear it with any other texture or materials. Choosing the right shirt can help you gain more confidence in dealing with your day-to-day business.

Business Casual Pants


A good pair of business casual pants to complete your outfit for the day is very crucial. Everything really matters from the texture, type, cut and color of the textile. The best way to maximize your pants is to explore various possible combination of colors and style to complete your outfit.

Business Casual Jackets

Jackets are like the icing on the cake, the cherry on the glass for every men’s business casual outfit. You have to choose carefully the type and color of jackets that you need to match with your shirt, pants and shoes. Never leave home with a jacket on your shoulders. It will so much confidence in you to get you going and in reaching for your goals.

Men’s Business Casual Brands

To help you better in choosing the right kind of product to look for, we feature in this article some of the top brands that you can look for your next business casual outfit. Check this out!

Proper Cloth

Looking for the best custom-made shirts, Paper Cloth has it all. They features a classic to modern type of materials and design for your needs. With more than 500 fabrics and dozens of style options, Paper Cloth will definitely satisfy your appetite for the best business casual shirts.


Ledbury has been providing the best available shirts in the industry. It has a wide-range of style, color and textile to choose for your outfit. Ledbury provides shirt needs for a casual to formal shirts.


Bonobos is one of the top brand for business casual fashion for men. They have a wide-variety of products to choose from and guarantee a unique and modern way to express yourself. They have an awesome array of business casual pants to choose from.


The name says it all! The brand ZARA has taken the world by storm that branches have sprung from practically any parts of the world. Business casual attire is one of ZARA’s preferred specialties.

The Tie Bar


For best-selling shirts and ties, we introduce to your The Tie Bar. This brand offers a huge choices of textile, design, color and style for your shirts and ties.


If you need a more formal way of dressing up for your business casual evening, Indochino has got to have something to offer for you. It offers a great deal of products that spice-up your fashion.

Combatant Gent

Classic and gentle are too underrated. Combatant Gent has set the standard in men’s business casual clothing products. It offers both ready-to-wear and custom-made shirts, pants and jackets. If you have a more serious type of business you need to go, the Combatant Gent will help you stand-up proud and confident.

Business casual for men has never been this exciting and fun as before. Be free to choose how you want to express yourself. There can be tons of places where you can buy the products that you’ve been dreaming of. Never be afraid to explore and be confident, always!

6 Ways To Dress Casually But Still Look Like A Boss

If you are not that formal to dress then these 10 ways may help you to look like a boss in a Casual look. These looks are absolutely in outfits of today’s era. Stay cool, comfy and still look cool. Here we go!

1.  Meet your new summer uniform: the Blazer ‘N Tee

This outfit is very in and popular these days. To achieve this look, you must wear unlined and lightly structured blazer to keep it cool and the right T-shirt. You’ll look like a boss and cool at the same time. I’m sure you’ll like it!

2. Find your new favorite sweatshirt

A sweatshirt can be a man’s choice when he wants to look like a boss in a swag option. This swag look is just casual as it is. A sweatshirt could be a simple look for you.

3. Pick up your new take-it-everywhere jacket

To look like a boss, always don’t forget to bring your comfy jacket. Detailed and well- structured jacket add more confidence and coolness. Be cool and swag even in a cold season, dude.

4. Take your sunglass cues from Steve McQueen

Except for being a protection from UV rays, sunglasses also is one of the bling lings that conveys a bossy type of person. Sunglasses from Steve McQueen is in this 2017.

5. Try the new ‘simple’ watch

If wanting wear anything to look like a boss, consider also the watch.  As we all know ,”Time is gold.” is the motto of a boss. Choose a simple, straightforward and masculine watch that suits your outfit and make it a perfect combination.

6. Try the new elevated chinos

Chinos are perfect for all events. An elevated chinos are detailed and comfy. Try to choose the ones that are made in a very dense cotton twill.

Are all those 10 ways to dress casually but still look like a boss glued in your mind? Those ways will help you to achieve a bossy look. I’m really sure about it! To know more about the trending looks, check these out!

Top 5 Men’s Fashion Trends This 2017


Century had past but Check are still trending until now. Charm and elegant look can be seen in your Checkered outfit.


Bandana is one of the easiest street style to pull off and kind of boyish style. Bandana is affordable and you can easily add style to your outfit as long as it goes well with it. A great cherry patterned bandana will do the trick but make sure to wear it well.

Seventies Revival

Let’s have some throwback during 70’s. One of the most appealing outfit was the rich colour palette. Have some loose button down in gloomy tans to look great. Remember to refrain from donning your bottom shirt.

The Powder Blue Shirt

This summer, all people find outfit or clothes that could make them feel fresh and cool under the sun. Powder blue color is one of those popular colors that is worn by most people. Therefore, it is still trending this 2017 because of its coolness and light color.

Light Wash Denim

The Light Wash Denim jacket is one of the most popular in Europe’s street wear. It’s most likely paired with distressed jeans and simple T-shirt. Just try this out and judge the result. This kind of style is very popular nowadays. As you can see, denims are worn in any forms and styles.

Remember, what you wear is what you are. Be careful in purchasing your clothes and outfits. Combine anything in your closet until you finally know your perfect style. Those trends will help you shine and on-the-go always. I’m sure about that!

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