BitLock: Smartphone Bike Key



Kickstarter has some pretty awesome products/concepts from time to time, and BitLock is no exception. BitLock combines the best of both worlds: the joy of the outdoors with the comfort of modern technology. BitLock safely locks and secures your bike when you have to leave it behind. The great thing about BitLock is how it works with your smartphone where you can manually or automatically lock and unlock your bike! The physical BitLock attached to your bike automatically senses your phones proximity to your bike, and prepares itself for you to unlock and remove the BitLock.

If you are an avid cyclist that has replaced automobile commuting, BitLock would be the perfect addition to your ensemble. Right now, BitLock is in the middle of their campaign on Kickstarter and could use more donations to this amazing technology!

Head over to BitLock’s Kickstarter page to read more and be generous!

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