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How to Choose The Best Location For Your Wedding Proposal

Your wedding proposal is one of the most memorable things both you and your partner will have when you’re married. You’ll look back on the day with vivid details on how one person offers to be with the one he loves and proposes to make that promise witnessed by loved ones.

It’s a fond memory that many people would remember, what they did that day before the proposal, the clothes they wore, the weather, and just the general ambiance of the place.

Keep the Other Person in Mind

Most of us have seen a lot of proposal videos online that have gone viral and it makes us think that our proposal should have that effect on people. But I believe that these things should have one major theme and that our plan should revolve around and that is – our partner. The person receiving our proposition should be the focal point when we plan for this moment. This is like the preamble of the wedding wherein the bride is supposed to be the star of the event.

Be Prepared

This is an intimate moment for both of you, so you should think of things that revolve around your relationship. The creative minds behind believe in putting your own story to the project creates a more personal appreciation of the outcome. Much like their crafts, the details of your proposal should come from both of you. An example is incorporating things that won’t mean much to other person but you’re both fond of and have been a staple in your experiences together. This may include a pen, a brand of candy, a handkerchief, or anything that may bring wonderful memories in the early stage of your relationship. Or it could be something pertaining to what both of you are passionate about. They don’t have to make sense for the people around you other than yourselves.

Where to Propose?

There isn’t really a rule for where you should bend on one knee and ask her hand for marriage. As I mentioned above, you should think of the other person when you propose. Here are some ideas on how to choose a good place to do it:

1. Famous Spots

There are restaurants, theme parks, or other site attractions that have gained popularity for catering marriage proposals. You might think of them as cliches but there’s a reason why they’re famous for those moments. It could be that they offer couples that right ambiance to have a sincere talk about where their relationship is going or the place itself oozes romance. Make sure you pick the right spot so that when you’re hugging and celebrating your engagement, you won’t be disrupted by crowds or other events.

2. Her Special Place

This requires some research but when you’re with the person for so long, you can easily pick these places out. If she has a favorite place where she enjoys being there, you can make it more special by proposing to accompany her there forever. There can be varying stories that may surround the place and it’s up to you how to build your plan around that. Just don’t do it above somebody’s grave – it’s just weird.

3. Your Special Place

This is common for couples who are childhood school sweethearts. You can go back to the place where both of you grew up together. You can reminisce on how not only did you grew up but how your relationship blossomed all through the years.

Choosing a place for your proposal is only one part you’ll have to think about. When you get married that place will forever hold a special place in both your hearts. But don’t overthink it that you won’t be able to decide. Just as you’re going to take the plunge of marriage, so treat this as a light jog before you enter the marathon of marriage.

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