Raw Food Diet: On the Go Snacks

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The raw food diet, which involves eating only/mostly unprocessed and uncooked foods, has recently become extremely popular – and some claim it’s the healthiest diet out there. They say this because when we cook our food, it loses some of its natural enzymes, which help our body to function, so eating uncooked (raw) food provides us with these natural enzymes meaning our body doesn’t have to overwork to produce them itself.


Although the raw food trend is a global phenomenon and you can generally find restaurants and cafes that have such dishes on their menus, it can be a challenge to follow this strict regime when traveling. So here are a number of healthy, tasty and travelable raw snacks you can take with you and buy wherever you go:

Fruits and vegetables

It may seem obvious, but fruit and veggies (both dried and fresh) are perfect traveling snacks, which can not only be delicious but also very nutritious. Heating fruit and veggies cause it to lose many of its heat-sensitive nutrients, such as vitamin C, which is crucial for supporting the immune system, so raw is the way to go.

Eating raw fruit and veggies regularly also ensures you get your five-a-day, an important key to a healthy diet. Depending on where you go, the fruit and veg available will vary, but it’s always a great chance to try new and exotic things. For instance, the raw food diet in Sydney has really taken off, with different fruits and vegetables often enjoyed in the form of pressed juices.


Nuts and seeds


When on a raw food diet it’s difficult to consume enough protein, vitamin B12 and iron since these are nutrients commonly found in foods which are usually cooked – meat, fish, eggs, etc. However, you can get some of these from nuts, seeds and dark leafy greens like kale and spinach for example – while one ounce (28 grams) of peanuts, which are surprisingly not actually nuts but legumes, provide seven grams of protein.

Another example is pumpkin seeds, which not only provide nine grams of protein per ounce, but also healthy fats, protein, fibre, potassium, iron, and zinc. Nuts and seeds are also easily portable and a great ingredient to add to dishes like salads.


Raw food bars


Raw food bars come in many different variations and nowadays you can get them from supermarkets all around the world. The raw ones usually only contain fruits and/or nuts and are packaged in convenient single serving bars, which can easily be taken around when going out for a day/ on a plane journey. You can even make your own, with hundreds of recipes on the internet – and the simple ingredients mean they’re both wholesome and easy to make.
So whether you’re taking a long flight to India, spending a day in Italy or trekking across Indonesia, you can always be sure to have enough raw snacks, which are healthy, filling and tasty; some of which you can make to go, others you can cheaply buy. The raw food diet really is a traveler’s best friend! 

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