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Best Haircuts For Men With Heart Face


The heart shaped face has pointed chin with a wide forehead and cheek measurements. It is also known as the inverted triangle shape because of these features.

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Haircuts with high volume on the sides will suit this face shape as this will widen the temples, create a square-like angle, make the jaw prominent and the pointed chin wider. Facial hair or beards can help you get strong features.

Long Fringe

Long fringes will hide your forehead that will make it similar to the width of your cheeks.  The hair on the side will give your temples a wider look and this will make your face look round and almost oval in shape.

Growing a short or medium beard will help to hide your narrow jaw-line and pointed chin. Beards will make it look sharper and edgier.

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Side Parted

Having long hair on the top of your forehead will make your face look longer but combing it back side-parted will distract the attention given on the width of the forehead. The longer hair on the sides will widen the temples which will create an illusion of having an oval face shape.

You can also grow your beard for a more stylish look. This will hide some details of your jawline and your pointed chin.

Long Push Back

With this hairstyle, the hair is combed back for 2 reasons. First, the long hair on the top elongates your features and second, the obvious hairline adds a nice angular dimension into it.

With these attributes, it makes the forehead narrower and the longer sides enhance the width of the temples down to the jaw which makes the shape look from heart to square shape.


If you want to have a masculine look, this hairstyle would suit you. The cropped hair and the framed sides widen the temples and it hides the width contrast between the wide forehead and the narrow cheeks.

The long top extends the height of the face and the hairline angles make the face shape rectangular. Grow a nice angular beard for a more manly look.

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Side Swept Fringe

Side swept fringe will soften the appearance of your forehead. It also widens the temples and creates a classic or a formal look.

Try tousling your hair to add some volume on the top. A short beard will also do good for this hairstyle and will give a sharper angle in your jawline and your chin.

Textured Layers

This kind of hairstyle is easy to maintain and very trendy. It suits short, medium or long hair and can be done in different ways like; wavy, asymmetrical, or soft layers.

You can keep the top and the sides longer to make your face elongated and your temples wider.

Slick Back

The slicked back hairstyle is similar to the side swept. The difference is that in the slick back the hair is combed backward from the forehead while in side swept the hair is combed vertically to the parted line.

This hairstyle can make your face longer because of the combed back hair and the noticeable hairline adds some nice angles to your face. This also goes right with a short beard that makes your jawline prominent.

Spiky Hair

The spiky hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for men since it can be easily styled and can be done in any hair types. For the heart-shaped face, the spikes will add some length to your face and it makes the forehead narrower.


Quiffs have been the most trendy in men’s fashion. In order to get this hairstyle, all you have to do is brush your hair upwards from your forehead. Try to apply some lightweight wax or pomade to add some volume and make it stay in place.

Try to apply some lightweight wax or pomade to add some volume and make it stay in place.

Shoulder Length Side Part

Long hairstyles usually look good in men with a heart-shaped face. The shoulder length hair will balance the features from the forehead down to the jawline and the added side part would widen the temples and distracts the attention given to the forehead.

This will add a little bit of maturity to your cool vibe. It needs a deep parting on one side and the remaining hair swept to the other side. This would be perfect for a formal or casual occasion.

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