Best Haircuts for Men with Heart Face

As a heart face shape, you may have a forehead with larger as compared to your cheekbones and jawline. Your chin is probably pointy with a cheek line on the side of the face that tapers with the jawline. When choosing a hairstyle for your heart-shaped face, keep in mind that you want to balance the top of your face with the bottom, so keep your hair proportional to your facial features.


Haircuts for heart-shaped faces are very numerous and easy to find. The best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces enhance your cheekbones and flatter your eyes. You can also incorporate side bangs, high or low highlights, curls, waves, and long flowing layers for an alluring look.


Fortunately, our list to find the perfect men’s hairstyles for heart-shaped faces will show you the prime ways to improve your utmost features. Try to associate yourself with the most appropriate face shape, as this will improve your styling approach.



  1. Long Fringe

Long Fringe Haircut

The fringe haircut has emerged as a refreshing short haircut for men. If you want to go for a more dramatic look, the long fringe takes it to the next level. Long hair with bangs should be complemented with a short haircut on the sides.


A fringe will conceal the heart-shaped forehead, making it appear narrower. Give the fringe finish a hard edge to stiffen your chin and chin area. A fringe haircut has its class. Also, this hairstyle has a lot of variation that will make you look iconic, unique, and fashionable. This hairstyle works for all hair types whether they are straight, curly, or wavy.


When referring to a haircut for men, the term “fringe” refers to any hairdo in which the sides and top of the head are both shaved short. In addition, bangs can be styled in a variety of ways based on your own preference. Everyone can pull off the look, from voluminous, wavy bangs to a thick, straight fringe.


Your hair type, texture, and style all play a role in whether or not you should get a fringe trimmed. Your hairdresser must trim your bangs at an angle to achieve a straight or side-swept, angular fringe, which requires at least 2 to 4 inches of hair in the front.


Depending on your preference, you can receive an undercut or a fade on the sides. As a best practice, we advise providing your barber a photo of the style you want to achieve.


  1. Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

One of the most trending men’s haircuts, undercut hairstyle is of high contrast structure. It offers the wearer an elegant and sophisticated look. It consists of a short to medium style that contrasts the top with the sides.


The hair is left long at the top, while the sides and often the back are short. Moreover, the haircut emphasizes hair more at the top of the head. Thus, creating a vibrant distinction between the top and the sides.


This hairstyle is so distinctive that one can recognize it at first glance. It can also be styled in different ways and each variation is as distinctive as this haircut itself. If you want the haircut for a longer period, regular maintenance and touchup will be required.


In the undercut, the sides are all the same length and the top is longer than the sides. Because of this, undercut hairstyles have a more distinct look than fades, which are more subtle in contrast.


Instead of a progressive taper, the undercut hairstyle features an even length all around the head. It is possible for men to request a modern or classic undercut from their barber.


  1. Hard-Line Side Part

Hard-Line Side Haircut

The hard-line side part, sometimes called the hard side haircut, can give every man a robust look. This is a refined and stylish hairstyle. If you have thick hair on top and want to adapt your side-swept hairstyle, ask your barber to shave a tough part for a sassy look.


As far as the length is concerned, you can choose whatever you want. The thickness of the line can be customized according to your hair type. This gives details and incredible definition to your facial features. Hence, popular among those who have sharp face shapes. The hard-line side part requires regular maintenance at all times.


  1. Comb-Over Haircut

Comb Over Hair Cut

The comb-over haircut, also known as a side part haircut, is as classic a look as you can get. That haircut has evolved, but never went out of fashion. If you are looking for a versatile and attractive new style, a side part is a great option that can be paired with formal, casual, and everything in between.


Additionally, you will only need a comb and some styling product to keep it in place all day. This stylish hairdo is easy to maintain. This only needs 5 minutes to style and doesn’t require too much maintenance. It is one of the few hairstyles that gives volume to your hair. It is ideal for square and oval face shapes. It’s all about getting the right haircut for your hair type.


This hairstyle can be worn in countless ways. Side parted hair on top can be styled with fades or undercuts in order to complete the look. Many hipsters favour the undercut and high fade comb over for their high-contrast looks. As an alternative, a low fade comb over may be more appropriate for the workplace.


  1. Side Part Undercut Fade

Side Part Undercut Fade Haircut

The side part with the trimmed fade is still on-trend in hair salons around the world. Compared to a traditional version, it comes out much bolder. By combining an undercut and faded haircut on the sides and back, this hairstyle creates a modern yet stylish look that teenagers, young men, and older men can mimic.


Undercut fades are not for everyone. This haircut works best for long hair but if you have shorter hair, it will still work. This haircut can be combined with several other haircuts. This distinct feature makes this cut so popular. Side part undercut fade is a low-maintenance cut that can be achieved effortlessly.


When a person has a faded undercut, it gives off the impression that he or she is well-groomed and meticulously clean. Despite the fact that it takes a little more time to style than a typical and simple short cut, it is a stylish haircut that enhances a person’s appearance.


Those who sport this look are seen as stylish, current, and fashionable. If you’re considering of getting a men’s undercut fade cut, be sure to prepare by stocking up on all the necessary hair equipment and materials beforehand.


Brushes and combs, hair cream or wax, and a hairdryer are all things you’ll need if you’re fixing your hair at home. Adding volume and dimension to the hairdo with these necessities can make it look fresh and contemporary.


  1. Layered Undercut

Layered Undercut

A layered cut is one of the most popular and versatile men’s hairstyles for a reason. No matter what type of hair you have. Whether curly, wavy, or straight, you can be sure that this style will flatter you. No matter what kind of hair you have, thick or thin, layered undercut works amazingly for all.


This type of haircut adds a wonderful depth to your hair giving it a good volume. It works wonders for thin locks. If you don’t know whether the new hairstyle will work for you or not, try a layered haircut that is meant to look good on everyone. Whether you choose a short layered, mid-length, or layered haircut, you will surely rock the look. Also, hair texture makes no difference for this look.


There is nothing better than being able to experiment with the layers on your own. However, if you want the best results and a more polished appearance, we recommend that you visit a barber. For novices, cutting short hair for the first time will be a challenge.


Just get your hair wet and divide it into pieces. Cut the bottom of the hair with two fingers while holding the hair between your fingers. Then cut the bottom of another part of hair with your fingers. Keep going until all of your hair is done.


  1. Short Layered Haircut

Short Layered Haircut.

The basic short hairstyle for heart-shaped faces that anyone can achieve is the short layered haircut. The texture of the hair makes no difference for such a look. To get the style, have your hairstylist give you a regular cut and add the hair on the top of your head with multiple layers.


  • Mid Length Layered Haircut

Mid Length Layered Haircut


This haircut is a perfect option for those who get confused between short and long haircuts. Such a cut gives your style a shot exactly how you want while keeping the locks away from your face. Also, it provides a classy look.



  • Long Layered Haircut

Long Layered Haircut

One of the best ways for men’s long hairstyles to show off their majestic mane is to have a layered cut. Adding a few layers to your long locks will satisfy your need for change without resorting to drastic measures. Plus, if you have thick, curly hair, long, layered haircuts can help you lighten it up and keep it under control.


  • Layered Quiff Hairstyles

Layered Quiff Haircut

Since a quiff has been one of the most popular men’s hairstyles in recent years, we can’t put it aside. It does not require a lot of styling. The layers of hair not only make it more textured and defined. But also, it makes the cut easier to manage.


The exceptional thing about layered quiff hairstyles is that it is timeless that can be adopted by different age groups. Your hair does not lose volume and stays in place.


  1. Slicked-Back Haircut

Short Layered Haircut.

The slicked-back haircut works well with most hair types. It is one way to style short sides with long top hair. Either a classy guy who likes a retro vibe or contemporary men who want a refined hairstyle. If you have straight or wavy hair, you are good to go.


No matter if you have short or long combed back hair, the general appearance is elegant and formal, but attractive and cool. It is sincerely one of the fine men’s haircuts around today. Whether you have a diamond or round, square-shaped face, the slicked-back haircut will give you a classy look.


However, a slicked-back haircut doesn’t work with all the hair textures. If you have wavy or curly hair, you’ll have a tough time. The curlier your hair is, the tougher it will be to slick it back.


Hair can be slicked back in a “short sides, long top” look if desired. Slicked back hair, like the quaff and pompadour, entails putting product (e.g. pomade) to give your hair a silky, shiny appearance as it is combed back.


A slicked back haircut can have a variety of different looks according on the individual’s preference for volume or texture. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of hair, and it depends on the person’s personal preference.


Slicked back, most modern hairstyles with a length of 3 to 5 inches on the top look amazing. Getting slicked back hair might be tricky if you’re not sure if your face shape, hair type, or even your hair texture is suitable.


If you have a round, square, oval, etc. facial shape and hair type (thick or thin; straight, curly or wavy), you’ll look amazing with this haircut. If you have wavy or curly hair, you may want to experiment with a different hairstyle.



  1. Spiky Haircut


If you want a fresh new look, the spiky haircuts are worth considering. Perfect for almost any hair texture, spiky hairstyles are soft, sleek, and quickly achievable with modern grooming techniques and products.


Spiky haircuts and haircuts have changed over time. With so many options, it will be tricky to decide which haircut to get. How you should spike your hair depends upon the length you want and hair texture.


It is ideal for almost all hair textures. They look great if you don’t have to follow professional requirements like a strict dress code. If you are looking for a carefree style, you should consider this hairstyle.


How do you achieve a spiky hairdo? The barbershop will be able to recommend a spiky haircut based on your personal preferences. Let your hair grow a little longer. The sides of your spiky hair should be shorter than the top, so that they don’t look too wild for formal events. You may choose to remove your beard completely, but the spiky hairdo looks great with a stubble beard.


Many spiky hairstyles to choose from can make it challenging to pick one that works best for you. Here are some of the best spiky haircuts to attempt this season, from simple short spiky to lengthy messy spiky.


  • Spiky Fringe Haircut

Piky-Fringe Haircut

The spiky fringe haircut creates a windblown look. Ask your hairstylist to cut the back and sides, leaving the length on top and your bangs. This style makes the best bangs for the heart shape and focus of your haircut.


  • Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Haircut

The faux hawk comes in the list of flexible spiky hairstyles. It is the center of the haircut in terms of spiky hairstyles. Furthermore, you can opt for your desired length on top. The sides and back can be simply trimmed. This hairstyle is so youthful and eye-catching. There are many versions of this haircut; you need to choose what looks best on you.


  1. Side Part Haircuts

Side Part Haircuts

The classic side part haircut is versatile and timeless. It suits everyone and is a great way to style your hair. This easy-care haircut takes many shapes and flatters all textures and lengths.

If you are looking for easy to style haircut, try this one. This hairstyle is easy to cut and simple to style.


  • Side Part + Volume

Side Part Volume Haircut


The combination of a classic side part with a high volume finish is suitable for everyone. Start by creating a section and twist your hair to one side. To add volume to your locks, opt for a dry shampoo. It will create depth and height for your hair. This sleek and beautiful hairstyle is ideal for any occasion.


  • Side Part + Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour

Style your hair into a trendy pompadour. The pompadour keeps your locks out of your face and subtly to the side. This hairstyle is an excellent option for those with medium to long hair.


  • Side Part + Long Hair

Side Part Long Hair

For those with luscious long locks, don’t be afraid to confuse the way you part your hair. Whether you have shoulder-length or waist-length hair, you can instantly add volume by simply creating a deep side part. This simple change can add a beach feel to your overall look too.


  • Side Part + Asymmetrical Fringe

Side Part Asymmetrical Fringe

This haircut is best for those who have a sharp jawline. Who says you have to keep things symmetrical? It is a great way to add a rocker edge to a traditional haircut and keep things looking cool every day. With the addition of the side part, you will be the freshest guy in the room.


  1. Bald Skin Fade Haircut

Bald Skin Fade Haircut

The bald skin fade is one of the famous short haircuts for heart-shaped faces. This style requires you to cut your hair shorter at the sides and back. Also known as bald fade, this type of layered haircut is a bold, daring look that requires regular visits to the barber to maintain it. You can combine the faded haircut with trendy hairstyles to create an elegant look.


The bald skin fade haircut is a good option for round, diamond, or wide faces who don’t want additional width to the face.


  1. Taper Cut

Taper Haircut

A classic tapered cut involves thick hair that gradually decreases in length on the sides and back of the head. It is one of the most desired hairstyles for men because of its versatility. The shorter sides make hair maintenance easier, while the longer sides allow for some styling options.


The great thing about this hairstyle is that it works with all face shapes. One can have several options, a low, medium, or higher taper.


The top of the head’s hair is often longer with a taper haircut, with the sides and back of the head’s hair gradually getting shorter as they approach the crown.


When it comes to tapers, they may be as safe or daring as you want them to be. Those with long, thick, or wavy hair can benefit from using these products because they help reduce the weight of the hair and make it easier to manage. You’ll look more defined if you have a football-shaped face thanks to these extensions.


  1. Smart Cut

Smart Haircut

The smart style of this tailored haircut feels as fresh as it looks. The hair will only have longer lengths on top, while the sides consist of a blend of shorter cuts. This haircut is versatile for a casual appearance.


  1. Clean Trendy Style

Clean Trendy Hairstyle

Looking for a regular, explicit haircut for men? Then look no further and try this clean trendy haircut. This style is the perfect combination of everything on-trend: thick waves and volume on top, medium fade, line-up, and beard. It is a cool look that won’t go out of style anytime soon.


  1. Front-Focused Haircut

Front Focused Haircut

Conscious of your forehead? Are you trying to accentuate your eyes? Whatever the reason, a front-focused haircut will keep things both professional and fun. Shave the back and sides of the head and style the top tresses brushed forward.


Short haircuts for men like this are easy to style in your hectic routine. Front-focused haircuts will always be in style despite the coming of many other styles.





The heart shape or a V-shaped face is the most visually appealing of all facial outlines. Choose the right haircut for a heart-shaped face so that it looks nice and stylish. Remember: the right hairstyle can verily change your image!


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