10 winning girlfriend gifts from Kickstarter you can buy on Amazon now

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Finding the right gift for an awesome girlfriend is very very tricky. The gift should be smart and clever, thoughtful, and cool. It needs to fit the mix of the current relationship reality, without going too far over the top. Finding the perfect girlfriend gift can stress a partner out.

Let’s face it — a winning girlfriend gift needs to impress. That’s why Kickstarter is a good source of inspiration for the discerning gift shopper. Kickstarter offers cutting-edge, unique presents for even the pickiest girlfriend.

Here are 10 winning Kickstarter ideas that are available now on Amazon.

Prynt Phone Case


The title of this gift is kind of a misnomer because the Prynt Phone Case isn’t just a cool house for your phone to live in. It actually converts your smartphone into a Polaroid camera that produces a print of a picture — instantly. The picture prints right from the case onto a stickable zero ink paper. Remember those photo booths where people cram in, strike a crazy pose, and the booth prints out a strip of pictures? Yes, kind of like that.

The Kickstarter campaign produced double the amount of the goal, an early indicator of how popular this geeky gadget is going to be. Order the Prynt Phone Case on Amazon here for lots of girlfriend love this holiday season.

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DJI Phantom 4 Camera Drone


It’s possible that the DJI Phantom 4 Camera Drone may be the source of a battle between couples. That’s because this drone is so cool everyone in the building is going to want to play with it. The Phantom is awesome aerial tech that lets users shoot full 1080p HD in slow-mo or 30fps. The cloud lets users capture the video on an iPhone or iPad and share them.

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 Kate Spade Everpurse



Combining high tech with high fashion, there’s the Kate Spade Everpurse. This purse launched with fanfare on Kickstarter in 2013. Kate Spade picked it up, and consumers went gaga. It’s a smart design with a great name behind it. The technology is simple; just slide a cell phone in the charger pocket and this handbag does the rest.

The purse comes with a charging mat; overnight charging is as simple as sitting the handbag on the mat for six to eight hours. The Kate Spade Everpurse comes in basic black, white, or a combination of the two. And right now, there are a bunch of available Kate Spade promo codes that can earn you 15% off your purchase.



For girlfriends who love to cook, there is a high-class method called sous vide, that includes partial cooking, vacuum-sealing, and chilling. It requires a precise temperature for meats in order to make the technique work properly. Enter the Nomiku, a sophisticated immersion circulator that uses Wifi to control cooking temperatures from a cell phone.

Just attach the device to a pot, add water and the zip seal bag of ingredients and use the app to create a perfect meal. The app has tons of recipes so this gift may be more of a couple item — the two of you will benefit from the Nomiku!

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Mime et moi Adjustable High Heels


The Mime et moi line is kind of brilliant. What girlfriend wouldn’t love a pair of shoes that could go low for the workday and higher for nighttime fun? Sensible yet flashy, practical and fun, the Mime et moi showed well on Kickstarter and is available now on Amazon.

Mime et moi are also animal-friendly; who says fashion has to harm little bunnies, cows, and alligators?

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3D Doodling Pen


This cool gift is kind of a cross between a hot glue gun and a pen set. Crafty girlfriend? The 3Doodler will intrigue and excite any girlfriend with a creative streak. This pen extrudes heated plastic for a 3D design process that literally brings all of the senses into a sketch. It’s non-toxic and the colors can easily be changed out.

It comes with 50 plastic strands and prices out on Amazon at less than $100. More than 400 customers have already commented positively on this tool. At four out of five stars, this gift has successfully transitioned from Kickstarter onto the world stage.

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Sunski Sunglasses


First, the Sunski Sunnies are not just a set of sunglasses. These cool, stylish shades have some serious history; they’re vintage Australian shades that were popular 25 years ago — until a Kickstarter campaign brought them back. In addition to being kind of hipster, the Sunski makers are donating to environmental non-profits with every sale that closes.

Now there’s a whole line on Amazon that runs around $50 each — with a lifetime warranty. What’s not to like? And be sure to check for current discounts on Sunski before you buy.

Dreamwool Blankets


This blanket is like a warm fuzzy hug. It’s a high quality 100% wool blanket perfect for the two of you to snuggle up on the couch together. There are around 5 color choices and the prices are very affordable.  The Dreamwool was a Kickstarter campaign roughly three years ago and is now available on Amazon for the masses to enjoy. It would make a lovely present for a girlfriend on chilly fall nights.

Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden


For the green thumb girlfriend, the Smart Herb Garden is perfect for enjoying nature all year long. This compact hydroponic garden is literally plug-and-play; just fill up the reservoir with tap water and pop in a plant cartridge. Nutrients are circulated in the water and the unit comes with its own light.

This is the perfect little unit for the girlfriend that likes fresh basil or oregano in dinner pasta. Or, she can grow some flowers during the dark winter nights. Either way, this gift will be a big hit for girlfriends seeking nature all year long.

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 Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook


For girlfriends who like to journal, the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook is one of the first sketchbooks in the world that can be erased by microwaving it. Download the app and the notes will load to the cloud.

The Rocketwave is perfect for the techy yet artsy girlfriend who would be impressed with a cool electronic gadget that is also the perfect doodle pad.

Perfect Girlfriends Need Perfect Gifts

We tried to find something for every girlfriend imaginable, with a little tech, a little art, some gardening, and some fashion. When it comes to Kickstarter gifts on Amazon, these are some favorites.

Brows the Kickstarter page on Amazon to come up with more new and creative ideas.


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