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Always Have These Emergency Numbers On Hand When Traveling!

Traveling is a time of relaxation, enjoyment, and fantastic new adventures for most people. Unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable, things do not always go according to the original plan, and vacations can be ruined by lost luggage, stolen cards, floods, or airline strikes. And when all of these are happening in a foreign land, the anxiety and worrying are prone to go over the roof. Is there anyone local you could call and ask for help? While you might not have any foreign friends to rely on when disaster strikes, you can always pick up your phone and call the number of a specialized emergency services to give you a hand. For example, an emergency locksmith for cars that can help you regain quick access to your rental car.

It's Vital To Save These Numbers In Your Phone!Keep local locksmiths in your contacts

Yes, traveling means being away from home. But it does not unfortunately also eliminate the need to protect yourself from the regular threats you are potentially subjected to back home: theft, car hijacking, pickpockets, assault, identity theft, bad weather and so on. The only difference is you can speak your own language and call people you have used before in the past to assist you with you home and personal security needs. On the other hand, traveling to a foreign country means struggling with a language you barely know how to speak, not knowing what kind of emergency assistance services you can contact, and what procedures to follow.

It is therefore imperative that you program your smartphone with essential emergency numbers well in advance of your trip:

  • Local taxi services in the city/country/area you plan on visiting. Who knows when your rental car might break down and you will need a last minute ride!

  • Emergency car/home locksmith services for those situations when you might accidentally lock your rental car or rental apartment keys in, and a locksmith is the quickest and most effective solution at hand. While the locals in Puerto Rico might know how to find the nearest locksmith service with a simple search online, chances are, you won't. So it is best to take some time and put your favorite search engine to work prior to your planned vacation. Use a language translator, read reviews of past customers, visit websites and social media pages, compare rates with the local market prices there and try to get in touch with them by calling their number or emailing. If no one answers, you might be looking at a fraud, in which case you should continue with your search. You will want to make sure that you will be able to rely on them in case you will need to use their services when traveling.

  • The airline reservation center, for those cases when flights get delayed or canceled and you need to rebook the flight.

  • Airport pickup contacts – they could be your relatives, friends, or a specialized transfer service.

  • The local emergency number equivalent to the 911 service in the U.S. You never know when you might need to report a crime or ask for immediate help.

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