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How To Dress for a Summer Wedding: Men’s Style Guide


Summer weddings are fun and at the same time very hot. It is important to know what to wear before attending a beach wedding event or a more formal event. Even though this is the bride’s special day, men also have to look polished and elegant. With wedding season just around the corner, and time crunching, what to dress becomes essential. Two things to take in consideration are: the time of the wedding and the location. Here’s a guide on what to wear for your next summer wedding.

Daytime Wedding

During daytime weddings you want to choose a more casual and relaxed look. Cotton or linen suits are great for hot weather. Short sleeves are welcomed. A cotton breathable t-shirt is perfect for outdoor venues. Go for the lighter hues such as baby blue, soft pink, khaki, and beige. Try to skip ties or socks for the beach, but you can easily keep those for a garden venue. You want to look elegant yet comfortable, that’s why adding a hat to the look contributes to the glamour and taste.  Choose shoes such as loafers – that way you can get the sand out easier. Whether you go for a classic or contemporary look, always keep in mind to bring sunglasses.


Nighttime Nuptials

During night the dress code tends to be different. A two piece suit is your best option for a nighttime nuptial. If the invitation says black tie that doesn’t mean you have to go all black. Try navy blue, dark grey, olive green or burgundy. Mix colors and patterns, and try to stick with cotton instead of wool. Choose a patterned bow tie to add flavor to the outfit. Always take into consideration the weather, time, and venue in case last minute outfit changes need to be made.



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