8 Dating Mistakes Guys Make Online


In the cold, unapologetic world of online dating, you’ve got to make every move count. Whether it’s acing your profile picture or crafting the perfect opener, you really need to consider your approach in order to be successful. Here are 8 common dating mistakes guys make when fishing online.

1. Your profile pic screams asshole

If your profile pic represents you as the super macho alpha-male, you’re no longer that approachable datable guy. This means posting shirtless pictures of yourself or even worse, pumping iron at the gym. There’s also nothing more sickening to a woman than a guy who is clearly capturing his cockiness on camera. You’ll just come across as a jerky beef head trying to amass a legion of easy brods. And even if this is the case, you’ll still scare off the ladies. So, keep it classy.

 2. You’re wearing sunglasses in your profile pic

Your eyes are one of the most sincere reflections of who you are. If you think it’s cool to hide your eyes with shades, you should think again. A woman wants to see your eyes. Period!

 3. Your openers are cheesy

Cheesy openers are the quickest way to become invisible online. Women are messaged constantly, and are very quick to weed out the undesirables. For this reason, you need to stand out—make your comment count because she can tell when you’re playing the numbers game.

 4. You have unrealistic expectations

We all know the online dating community is packed with stunning singles. While it’s tempting to salivate over every hot chick in a selfie, it’s vital to establish practical expectations. This way, you’ll be less limited when seeking matches. Ultimately, you must let go of your grand delusions of the perfect woman– you’ll only become lonely and frustrated. Rather, you should invest in making room for a beautiful catch who exists in real life.

5. You jump the gun

Testosterone and boredom can become a deadly mix on those lonely nights of online browsing. When you see something you like, it’s important to keep your excitement in check. To maintain a natural flow, you should first build rapport with the woman through interesting conversation before immediately asking her out. In other words, keep your cool.

6. You ask the wrong questions

Asking the wrong question is one of the easiest and quickest dating mistakes guys make to turn a woman off. A good example is asking something such as, “How are you still single?”, which can actually make the women feel insecure about her relationship status. Another common example is asking her, “How are you finding this app”. This comment invites awkward conversation about other users, which is not sexy or effective for building romance or interest.

7. You play games

Some of you may feel that playing waiting games between messages or dates can establish some level of mystery. While this may work on handfuls of clueless girls, a real woman will only see this as offensive and careless rather than exciting…ain’t nobody got time for that.

8. You have a bad attitude

After weeks or months of answered texts and failed attempts at love, it’s easy to get down. Yet, if your sour attitude rises to the surface, you’ll have even more trouble attracting women online. No matter what, always keep your head up and your confidence in check.

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