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7 Ways to Get Lean With A Tight Budget

2. Look For Local Ranchers


Just like you can shop in bulk for pantry items and some produce, you can typically do the same for meat. One of the biggest things to worry about is finding appropriately sourced beef and chicken. When these animals aren’t raised on pastures where they belong they become diseased and unhealthy. Classic case here of “you are what you eat.” When you eat animals that are sick and weak, you’ll become sick and weak.

Buying grass fed is important. Grass fed meat and pastured poultry has beneficial fats instead of inflammatory ones, loaded with fat soluble vitamins, and fat burning compounds such as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Not only will you be supporting your own health and longevity, but also an ecosystem that thrives on local purchasing and humane treatment of animals.

Buying 1/4, 1/2 or even a full grass fed cow at a time can be a great way to support local ranches as well as get the healthiest meat available. Typically these options will end up being around $4/lb when all is said and done for all cuts. This includes steaks, ground beef, roasts, you name it. Much cheaper than the $30/lb grass fed rib eye at Whole Foods! Just pick it up and split it with some friends if you don’t have the freezer space.

Confused on where to find local ranches? Eat Wild has set up a handy guide on where there are local ranches selling grass fed beef and pastured chickens and hogs locally. Check them out!

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